Daniel Jones Runs the Giants to a Win in His First Start | NFL 2019 Season Week 3 | Sunday Match

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Daniel Jones Runs the Giants to a Win in His First Start

Week 3 Sunday Scores!!  I was surprised with the Giants win, Daniel Jones played great!!, I don’t know what to think about the Cardinals that lost at home against a bad Panthers team!, Let me know what you…

These young quarterbacks did well today with limited game experience.

Kyle Allen 19-26 4 td’s 0 int and 261
Daniel Jones 23-36 2 td’s  and 336             Mitchell Trubisky is 42 of 72 with 0 td’s and 1 interceptions and 348 in 2 games. 

Tomorrow no kid gloves. Perform/draft a qb
Eli Manning: 2 Super Bowl wins
YA Tittle, Fran Tarkenton, Phil Simms: 

Daniel Jones: 1 win against Tampa Bay
Daniel Jones is 1-0 when trailing by 18-plus. Eli Manning is 0-44 in those games in his career.

Week 3 Quarterback medals
Gold: Pat Mahomes: 27x37, 374, 3
Silver: Deshaun Watson: 25x34, 351, 3
Bronze: Daniel Jones: 23x36, 336, 4 total TD

Everyone on Twitter today: Daniel Jones is the greatest quarterback in Giants history

From the draft vids I remember max was mad giants took Daniel Jones but he did say he hopes he’s a superstar for getting picked so high so in a way he didnt say anything wrong

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