Steelers offensive snap counts | NFL 2019 Regular Season Week 1

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Steelers offensive snap counts:

JuJu 62 90%

Moncrief 62 90%

McDonald 49 71%

Switzer 46 67%

Washington 36 52%

Conner 32 46%

Johnson 25 36%

Samuels 23 33%

Holton 8 12%

Grimble 2 3%

Moncrief might not get that distribution again. And Switzer got more time than Wash or Conner.

Holton was wide open. Ball on the 1 and Nix is on the Bench. Washington rides the bench until the 2nd quarter when he was the best WR in the preseason. Tomlins wasted many solid rosters over the years with inept coaching.  time to move on

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