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Brewer at Baylor vs Texas NCAA match

Baylor is promising for the season, having already won seven matches. After a confident victory over the Oklahoma State with a score of 45-27, the team confidently entrenched in 14th place in the ranking and for them it is the highest position since 2015. But the events of 2014 should remain in the memory of fans of Big-12.

That year was the first in the history of the existence of a new playoff system among colleges. It immediately became apparent that one of the Power-5 conferences would be left out of decisive matches. The only team without defeats then became the Florida State, and for the remaining places in the playoffs a stubborn struggle unfolded, in which several teams participated with one lost match.

Before the last match of the season, this group included Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Baylor and TCU. In this case, the Bears have already beaten their direct competitor in Big-12 with a score of 61-58. Both representatives of the conference won their last matches, but Baylor at the same time remained fifth in the playoff ranking, and TCU completely fell back from third to sixth position.

Those who selected playoff participants chose the Ohio State, who eventually became champions, beating Oregon in the final. But the main conclusion was that the brand of the program for the committee became a more significant factor than the results of the games. It is unlikely that anyone would allow themselves to do this with Oklahoma or Texas.

If Baylor finishes this year well, then the situation could be repeated. They still have games with their main rivals in the conference. If successful, with one of them they will play even twice. There is no way to exclude the human factor in the existing selection system for playoff participants. Baylor will always be inferior to the public in comparison with Florida, Notre Dame or Ohio State.

The ninth game week, the team without defeat begins on line 14. There are now seven programs above Baylor that have already suffered one failure.

The message from those voting in the AP ratings and playoffs is quite simple: “Win ​​all your matches and maybe you will have a chance to compete for the title. But, if you are in a group of teams that have one defeat, then do not count on a fair choice. ”