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Half of the regular season is behind. The September emotions of the start of the championship are in the past. We have already seen a lot from the leading teams, we had a chat with those who de facto failed the season, and remain on the wave of those who will fight to the end. But - how in all this mess of names, statistics, victories and defeats look like our recent friends - newcomers to the draft 2019? Who among those who were selected in the first round of the draft already turned out to be a lifesaver for their team, and who was just the last name in the roster? How justified were the expenses on these guys, considering who was chosen below? Let's try to evaluate this half of the season for those who should be making the future of the NFL soon.

The score is a combination of both the player’s performance during this time and the team’s score for his choice.

1. The Cardinals - QB Kyler Murray

One of the most controversial quarterbacks of the latest drafts, at the moment left both his critics and his fans thoughtful. He has a quite tolerable quarterback rating of 85.8, not the worst transmission accuracy at 63.7%, but a bad line of attack and a tearing coach in his vision of this attack, so far they do not allow Kyler to reveal how he could, nor finally fail in our eyes. I think that until the end of this season we will not see his real one, but this is definitely a step forward compared to Josh Rosen, and the risky move in the draft, for now, for sure, can be considered justified.

Rating - 4-

2. 49ers - EDGE Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa picture | 49ers vs Panthers | week 9 | NFL

I think that even the most avid optimists did not expect this from the Bosa-49ers tandem. At the moment, Nick is not only the main and main contender for the award for the best newcomer in defense, but will also compete for the same nomination among all the League defenders. Bosa has amazing pass-rush performance for just 5 games at the start - 13.2 (best in the NFL) with a winrate of 23.9% (best among beginners), as well as 7 sacks, 13 strokes of the quarterback, 8 “harris”, 11 captures with loss of yards, not a single Mystical, and a gorgeous interception in the last game. His energy not only shows his personal contribution to this defense, but also makes him better than all the players around him (look at the season of Arik Armstead, which almost everyone has already written off). “49ers” hit the bull's-eye with this choice, even if it was difficult to do otherwise here.

Rating - 5+

3. The Jets - DL Quinnen Williams

Quinnen became one of the “victims” of the team’s failure, which several other players from this draft also experienced. Not only that, at the start, he was injured, but also his importance on the field at the moments when he went out, clearly did not live up to expectations or his own desires. The cycle of difficulties of the Jets is only twisting, and at the moment it is very difficult to assess Williams' contribution to their defense.

Rating - 3-

4. Raiders - EDGE Clelin Ferrell

One of the failures of the first round. It seems to me that Gruden and Mayock already realized that they were mistaken, but do not allow themselves to admit it. Because of this, the number of snaps in the defense that Ferrell receives also drops. Considering the performance of a couple of guys who were selected later - this choice, which so surprised everyone on the draft day, turned out to be really "with a sweet spot".

Rating - 2-

5. The Buccaneers - ILB Devin White

After the draft, my expectations about this choice were much more rosy than the reality. White was injured, having missed a couple of the game, and then, so far, has not become the defining link in the very reliable defense against the removal, which Tampa demonstrates. Definitely, he cannot bring this half of the season into his asset, so we are waiting for the end of the season to take stock.

Rating - 3-

6. Giants - QB Daniel Jones

The new hope of the Giants, which, during the start of the season, secured a place for the starter, has not yet become a firm answer to all the questions of the team’s attack. Alternating good games with unimportant ones, just trying to survive in the Cardinals ’nightmare of pressure or not to make a mistake in confrontation with the best NFL defense, Jones gains experience and understanding of what needs to be done and is not necessary. Quite working weekdays for a beginner quarterback. Having approximately the same indicators as Murray, and without having systemic problems with his coach understanding the game, Jones may well put the matches played into his asset.

Rating - 4-

7. Jaguars - EDGE Josh Allen

Josh Allen picture | Jaguars nfl

Receiving, for now, a fairly limited amount of time in defense, and in fact not being a solid starting player, Josh Allen made a great statement about himself in the NFL. 7 secs, 12 quarterback strikes, 8 captures with loss of yards and 2 forced fumbles - definitely, his contribution can hardly be underestimated. Jacksonville are great fellows who grabbed the pass-racer unexpectedly falling in the draft, and the future of their defense looks quite stable.

Rating - 5

8. Detroit - TE TJ Hockenson

Flashing in his first match in the NFL (6 receptions for 131 yards and a touchdown), Hockenson went into a deep shadow, while still having time to get a concussion, in an attempt to jump over the defender. For the remaining matches, he could not collect in the aggregate as many yards as he scored in the first. However, his blocking skills are expected to be at a fairly high level. It’s a pity that Lions just had a problem with it. Quite a controversial half of the season came out for the young tight end.

Rating - 3

9. The Bills - DL Ed Oliver

Oliver does not look cool statistically, having made his first sec only in the 7th week, however his pass win rate and the amount of pressure on the quarterback show that he is one of the shadow leaders in this defense, even staying on the field at an average of only 60% snaps in defense. He has room to grow, but now he is one of the leaders of this front.

Rating - 4

10. The Steelers - ILB Devin Bush

Devin Bush picture | pittsburgh steelers nfl

The Pittsburgh knew who was following. Bush is now ready for a breakthrough season and claims to be DROY. He covers the entire field, participates in one third of all losses that his defense provokes, has the most interceptions and captures in the team. Top class from linebacker and management.

Rating - 5+

11. The Bengals - OT by John Williams

John's injury saved him from having to go on the field in the worst Bengals season of the last 17 years minimum. We are waiting for the next season to appreciate his game.

Rating - 0

12. The Packers - DL Rashan Gary

If you are not worried about the Packers, you may not remember at all whether Gary plays in their defense or not. Appearing, on average, only in every fourth snap, Rashan cannot count on anything noticeable. His best game was the match against the Broncos, in which he made a sec, a capture with a loss of yards and picked up a fumble. At the moment, this choice still seems to me slurred and obscure.

Rating - 3-

13. Dolphins - DL Christian Wilkins

This is Miami, baby! How can you evaluate the players of this team, and especially their protection? So far, Wilkins looks like a very ordinary line-up, without any contribution to the team’s game. Well, how else in this swamp?

Rating - 2

14. The Falcons - OL Chris Lindstrom

Chris Lindstrom | Atlanta Falcons nfl

Having played only in the first week and breaking his leg, Lindstrom is still on the list of injured, but is awaiting the decision of the team. With any results - if he is healthy, they should let him play and gain experience.

Rating - 0

15. Redskins - QB Dwayne Haskins

Haskins is another player who “sways” from the team’s shocks. After leaving only two games and throwing only 22 assists, the young quarterback did not earn touchdowns, but he already has 4 interceptions. His future is still vague this season, but for now it may be for the best - this franchise needs to understand itself.

Rating - 1

16. The Panthers - EDGE Brian Burns

"Carolina" made the right choice of two, taking Burns. He leads the team in terms of pressure on quarterbacks, performs well in off-site defense, has earned the best defense rookie award in September, and has even his first touchdown in the NFL. Great solution from the Panthers.

Rating - 5

17. Giants - DL Dexter Lawrence

Lawrence, unexpectedly for me, very easily and quickly adapted to the game of defense "Giants" and demonstrates a great game. At the moment, he is one of the best combat line-ups not only among beginners, but also in the League in general. In the game against takeaway, he has no equal in his team.

Rating - 5

18. Vikings - With Garrett Bradbury

Garret Bradbury | Vikings camp | nfl

Having practically failed the start of the season, Garrett pulled himself together, and spent the last 3-4 weeks at the highest level, being at this interval the third center according to PFF. Maybe his progress, in part, helped Cousins ​​become more productive. We look forward to further development.

Rating - 4+

19. The Titans - DL Jeffrey Simmons

Incredibly, Simmons recovered so quickly from a broken knee ligament that he had already played in two games of the team. And how he played! Against the "Chargers" was just an explosive performance. We are waiting for what will happen next, but the fact that he returned is already cool.

Rating - 4+

20. The Broncos - TE Noah Fant

We probably expected more from Noah, but he plays with Joe Flacco, and he plays with a nightmare. Every second catch, the fantasy brings the first down to the team, but the number of drops is horrifying (5 by 32 passes in his direction). He needs to be more collected.

Rating - 3+

21. The Packers - S Darnell Savage

Savage is really the player who, before the draft, the Packers wanted to see him. He copes well with the cover (7 moves out of 13 were made against him and scored just 45 yards) and he has the best in the team, the lowest, the rating of the quarterback throwing in his cover is 55. He is doing well with grabs, and he performs no worse more experienced Amos. It can be seen that Darnell can do more, and that he may have a good career ahead.

Rating - 4

22. The Eagles - FROM Andre Dillard

Andre Dillard picture | eagles camp | NFL training

It is not yet clear how much Dillard is ready to be a left-wing tackle in the NFL, because he went out at the start in only two games. But the latest performance against the Bills was impressive. Let's see what he can against, for example, Khalil Mack next week, and thereafter. The prospects are pretty good.

Rating - 3+

23. Texans - OT Tytus Howard

Howard in the first half of the season struggles with injuries, but in those 4 full games where he was involved as a starter, he looked noticeably better than my expectations. He's clearly not the worst screw in their car, and his work to protect Watson is impressive. The remote unit is still a problem. I want to see him healthy.

Rating - 4-

24. The Raiders - RB Josh Jacobs

Jacobs' selection of the Raiders was the most anticipated in this draft and they, as expected, did not fail. 5 yards per attempt, 2.7 yards after contact for attempt, 14 dropped captures, 30 (out of 137 total) earned first downs - that’s all for which such a runnback is chosen by the team. Auckland's best pick on this draft.

Rating - 5

25. Ravens - WR Marquise Brown

Marquise Brown picture | Ravens nfl

Incredibly starting, even against Miami, Brown with each match remained farther from the ball, like all Baltimore receivers, and then also got an ankle injury and has not been training until now. The initiative was cool, but it is impossible to say anything definite about the Marquise yet. Talent was visible there before the NFL.

Rating - 3

26. Redskins - EDGE Montez Sweat

They expected more from him, but this can be said about the whole of Washington. One of those cases where player failures can be explained by team failures. Now even Ryan Kerrigan is not playing his best game. However, one cannot ignore Sweat’s problems in pass. His win rate is only slightly higher than that of the failed Ferrell. He has a lot of work to do and become better, even if not this season.

Rating - 2

27. The Raiders - S Jonathan Abram

But what a promising Hard knocks was. But already in the first game, Abram injured his shoulder and misses the whole season. We will wait for him and his talkative language in the coming season.

Rating - 0

28. The Chargers - DL Jerry Tillery

Losing, for now, a place in the starting lineup of second-year Justin Jones, Tillery is waiting in the wings. And in recent games it really began to be used more often. He already has 1.5 secs and 5 harris, but I expect more.

Rating - 3

29. Seahawks - EDGE AJ Cole

Can Seahawks immediately admit a mistake? Cole enters the field with an average of 23% of his defense snap shots, and with the advent of Clowney, his prospects have not become encouraging. The next peak of the 1st round lowered into the toilet. Typical Seahawks.

Rating - 2-

30. Giants - SV Deandre Baker

DeAndre baker picture | Giants nfl

At the moment, Baker looks an order of magnitude worse than veteran Janoris Jenkins. The opponent’s quarterbacks throw 70% of compliments against him, 429 yards (of which 132 after fishing) and 3 touchdowns, with a rating of 136. The guy has to study and study.

Rating - 3-

31. The Falcons - FROM Kaleb McGary

McGary is well done already in what remains healthy. He looks good enough for a beginner, but he still has no way to resist the strong NFL pashers. JJ Watt for example, as if sent him back to kindergarten. But Kaleb is clearly not the main problem of Atlanta.

Rating - 3+

32. The Patriots - WR N'keal Harry

Injury to the back of the thigh and, as a result, not a single match in the NFL at the moment. Waiting for a debut.

Rating - 0

In addition, we recall those teams who first chose below the first round:

34. The Colts - NE Rock Ya-Sin

So far, Ya-Sin looks like the corner rookie from round 2 should look - neither shaky nor roll. 75% of compliments, 373 yards and 2 touchdowns, with a rating of 134 - the opponent’s quarterbacks are not too nervous, throwing in his direction. Certainly, Rock has not “sounded” as hard as expected.

Rating - 3

46. ​​Browns - NE Greedy Williams

Greedy Williams pictures | Cleveland Browns nfl training

Greedy started well, but the injury ruined everything. He only returned last week and looked pretty good in the game against the Pats. I have seen little, but the general impression of his choice is rather positive.

Rating - 4

48. The Saints - With Erik McCoy

McCoy not only became a good substitute for Max Anger, but at times he plays even better than him. At the moment, it seems that he and Brees have been playing for several years together. Yes, and his work on protecting the quarterback and assisting removal at a very high level for a beginner. As expected, the choice paid off completely.

Rating - 5

56. "Chiefs" - WR Mecole Hardman

Many probably expected more from Hardman in the absence of Hill, but not even shining, Mecole looks like a very suitable receiver for short transfers, because he is able to gain a bunch of yards after fishing. At the moment, out of 374 generals, he already had 215 of them, and 10.8 yards after fishing for the reception. Not bad.

Rating - 4

58. Cowboys - DL Trysten Hill

Rod Marinelli - Well, why did you need this peak? Who and what is Hill for the team now? How many sensible safty left after him? And what about Chase winovich? An idiotic choice.

Rating - 1

61. Rams - S Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp picture | Rams nfl

Rapp begins to have more and more weight in protecting the Rams, and judging by their restructuring, they will really rely on it in the near future. He answers the team with quite a good performance, covering more and more the near zone, and taking part in the blitz. A little experience, and he will be able to painlessly replace Eric Weddle.

Rating - 4

73. Bears - RB David Montgomery

Montgomery is a very interesting runningback, but the situation that is now in the Chicago attack somehow does not have an understanding of its present. Last week, finally, Matt Nagy really used it as it should - and it worked out very well. We are waiting for the replenishment of data.
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