Indianapolis Colts Surprised us today in the NFL Sunday Night match vs Chiefs

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Sunday's Week 5 matchups provided a lot of excitement! Upsets galore as the Raiders upset the Bears in a London thriller, the Broncos surprised the Chargers on the road and the Chiefs fell victim to the Colts for their first loss of the season

A big upset on SNF as the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 19-13! Colts RB Marlon Mack led the attack with 29 rushes for 132 yards

The Chiefs’ 19-13 loss to the Colts:

- Ends KC’s NFL-record streak of 25+ points in 25 straight regular season games
- Fewest points scored in a regular season game started by Patrick Mahomes

Patriots did play an easy schedule so far but Colts had two third stringers at safety and rookie at CB. Jacoby Brissett picked up the reigns to Andrew Lucks team 2 weeks before the season, came into tonight tied with Mahomes for league lead in TD passes, beat Mahomes tonight... and yet there are Colts fans who instead of giving him credit are acting like they won in spite of him

Colts defense needs to play like this every game. If they continue to do what they did tonight and add Leonard hooker and all the other injured players, that is scary good

Mahomes and Houston really had an effect, but there were tons of Plays where mahomes was throwing down field to a recieved who hadn't gone far enough yet, or who outright fumbled. Stronger receivers would change that game, but either way, Chiefs lost just like Colts lost to Raiders. It's just something to accept and move on.

Justin Houston gets a huge stop against his old team and Colts (+485) backers are now hanging on...

Justin Houston a huge stop against his old team Kansas Chiefs

Justin Houston on Colts Postgame Show at Wish TV on upset win in his return to Kansas City:

Justin Houston in Colts Postgame Show at Wish TV

“It is just like if you are around your old girlfriend and you are with your new girl— you want to show her off.”

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