Results of the eighth gaming week of the NCAA

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For the second week in a row, several games took place between rivals in the top 25 ranking. Their results have already significantly affected the position of the teams, although first of all it is worth noting the failure of Wisconsin in the match with Illinois. Texas was also close to failure.

Ohio state

Wisconsin vs Illinois

Among the players, Joe Burrow (LSU), Kyle Trask (Florida) and Charlie Brewer (Baylor) showed themselves well at key moments.

Winners of the week

ByCommands second tier SEC

Ohio state

Alabama and LSU won predictable victories this week, but their pursuers were the real winners. Georgia, Florida and Auburn managed to avoid second defeats, which would definitely put an end to the season for each of the teams. All this means that the struggle within the conference is still ongoing.

Florida was most at risk, long inferior to South Carolina. In the fourth quarter, the favorite took his due to the confident actions of Kyle Trask. Gamecocks were not able to withstand the pace of the game, and their quarterback Ryan Hilinski has not yet fully recovered from a knee injury.

Auburn pretty easily outplayed Arkansas, played a great Bo Nix, but the main contribution to the success belongs to the remote attack team, gaining 298 yards.

Georgia, after the deafening defeat of last week, was able to beat Kentucky in the pouring rain. The team's style of play remained the same: an offensive line and a tight defense. Weather influenced play call from Kirby Smart and Bulldog quarterback Jake Fromm was not as much involved in the game as usual.

Illinois and his coach

Illinois and his coach

Illinois successfully managed to neutralize Wisconsin's Offensive line. Quarterback of the team Brandon Peters successfully completed only nine out of 21 pass attempts, but scored two touchdowns without interceptions. Running back teams Reggie Corbin and Dre Brown scored 153 yards with a touchdown for two. And in general, the team spent all four quarters of the game at a good level.

For Lavi Smith, this victory was only 12 in 43 matches as head coach. It is simply impossible to imagine a better moment to show the progress of their wards. Obviously, the program has a future, despite 3-4 this season.

 Heisman Trophy

Ohio state

Most of the contenders for the prize had a good weekend. Only Jonathan Taylor from the Wisconsin lose can be dissatisfied, but his individual performance is still high: 132 yards and touchdown.

The Justin Fields of Ohio State alone scored more yards than the entire Northwestern team (202 vs. 199). Even if he did not pick up such crazy numbers, he would still remain the best double threat quarterback in the country.

Joe Burrow confirmed his status as the best envelope quarterback, gaining 327 yards with four touchdowns in a game with the Mississippi State. This season, its shares are growing rapidly in value.

Unfortunately, Tua Tagovailoa was injured and was replaced in the first half of the game. He managed to record 155 yards with one interception.

The intrigue in the fight for the Heisman Trophy persists and much will be decided by the face-to-face meeting of Alabama and LSU.

Challengers from Group 5

UCLA, Cincinnati and Appalachian State successfully completed their homework. All teams won, with a total score of 80 points.

UCLA confidently beat Temple, strengthening its position in the ranking. Team quarterback Shane Buchel did not notice the opponent’s defense, gaining 457 yards with six touchdowns.

Appalachian State won the seventh victory of the season, defeating Louisiana Monroe with a score of 52-7. Already now we can say that this is one of the best teams in the history of the university’s football program.

Cincinnati had the hardest time, having met with serious resistance from Tulsa. The running team was rescued by Jerrid Dawks, who scored 91 yards and scored three touchdowns.

All teams continued their progressive upward movement in the ranking, preserving the chances of participating in prestigious bowls.

Conference Pac-12

Two representatives of the conference, included in the top 15, won important victories. Oregon defeated Washington, while still maintaining the status of a dark horse in the playoff fight. Utah confidently beat the seeded Arizona State.

Oregon defense tightly bound the opponent, constantly forcing him to play third downs. Coach Washington Chris Petersen is trying to solve the problem with their conversion throughout the season. Justin Herbert was noted in this game by four pass touchdowns.

Utah continues to show us a powerful defense, which allowed the Arizona State to score just three points. Quarterback Sun Devils Jayden Daniels managed to score only 25 yards. For a beginner, one of the best lines of defense in the NCAA has become an insurmountable obstacle.

Both programs lead their divisions in the conference with the highest density of results. It is possible that one of them will eventually be able to win the Rose Bowl, but in Oregon and Utah they still do not lose hope for more.

Losers of the week

Miami Hurricanes

Outside of the rating, the most unexpected result of the week was the defeat of Miami from Georgia Tech, which had won only once before.

You can refer to the injury of the best running team of DJ Dallas or several hits that quarterback Nkosi Perry received, but the team itself did everything to lose. Kicker Hurricanes did not score three field goals closer than 34 yards, and the attack missed several opportunities in the red zones. The protection did not cope with its task.

Hypa around Miami and Manny Diaz, we will not wait soon.

Poster Match Wisconsin - Ohio State

Ohio state

Everyone was looking forward to the battle of these teams on October 26th. Its result was to have important implications for the entire conference, but Wisconsin lost. The team lost the championship in the Minnesota division and almost guaranteed to be eliminated from the list of applicants for the playoffs.

Never in the course of this season were the Badgers inferior in the long run. Until the winning field goal played by Illinois. Sheer favorite lost because of six 60-yard offenses and three ball losses. The result of the match overshadowed the achievement of Taylor, who was the fastest in history to reach 5,000 yards away.

The game against the Ohio State now does not look so interesting. Wards Ryan Day look faster and more dynamic. If Bakays doesn’t shoot himself in the foot, then the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion.

Trevor Lawrence making bad decisions

Clemson won a landslide victory over Louisville, gaining 551 yards in the attack. However, the controversy surrounding Trevor Lawrence’s game is only getting louder. The quarterback scored 233 yards with three touchdowns, but his decision on the field raises more questions. Last season, he showed that he can read the defense, and now throws interceptions in completely simple situations. Two Lawrence excelled this week.

This season, Trevor has eight interceptions, which is two times more than last year. Clemson is still struggling for the playoffs and the championship, but the weakness of their quarterback makes him afraid of sensations in every match.

Michigan and Jim Harbo

The team has already managed to raise a lot of questions that arose after the defeat of Wisconsin and unconvincing victories over the Army and Iowa. In the game with Penn State, some of them could be removed. And the team of Jim Harbo had such a chance. Unfortunately for him, he remained unused.

Since 2015, in games with teams from the top 10, Harbo won only one victory with ten defeats. Such a resume can not cause enthusiasm among program managers, and potential newcomers will not be delighted either. Now Michigan is inferior in all respects to the Ohio State, Penn State and, possibly, Wisconsin.

This season, the Wolverins still have games with Notre Dame and the Ohio State. Failures in them can force the university to make major changes.

Jeremy Pruitt and his behavior

Jeremy pruitt

Each coach painfully reacts to the failures of his players, but there is a trait that should not be crossed. This is exactly what Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt did, grabbing his team's quarterback Jarrett Guarantano by the mask.

The player made a fumble while trying to make a quarterback snick on the border of the Alabama score zone. The ball was picked up and returned a hundred yards to touchdown. The mistake actually killed the intrigue in the match and on the edge Pruitt scolded Jarrett, grabbing him by the mask.

Such behavior does not paint a coach who has gone too far. Obviously, Guarantano himself perfectly understands the situation and the enormity of such a blunder.
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