Steelers Sunday NFL game Report | Steelers lose 23 - 26 against Ravins

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Steelers lost and why am I not surprised, I hoped that they would win and not go 1-4 in their first five games of the season. But I already had a feeling that they wouldn't win this game before the season even started. It is what it is man, just got to move on.  Devlin Hodges was actually the one I wanted backing up Big Ben, I like Mason Rudolph also tho. Hodges is a really good quarterback, and he's proving that. Steelers hopes lie on his shoulders.

Heinz Field Stadium, where steelers and Ravens played the Sunday game

It's been a pretty good game so far, but with three interceptions and field goals. It is a little upsetting that they didn't score touchdowns instead of settling for three points, they would have had this game in the bag. Now they're going into overtime. nothing unites the entire state of ohio like watching Steelers fall flat on their faces. Not sure if Ohio, Maryland or south florida is enjoying that minkah fitzpatrick trade more right now. what a mess.

I've seen quarterbacks get hit hard and become injured, I've seen their helmets fly off. I've never seen a face mask be ripped off of a helmet, seeing Rudolph motionless on the ground is a horrible site. Two QBs down, but off was on the rise oh, now he has a concussion because he was hit so hard even its face mask came off of the helmet. It was nice of Baltimore to rally for him, even though we're Rivals, we are human beings.

Earl Thomas hits steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph

After looking at that hit again, Earl Thomas didn't have to do that. People can disagree, but I'm pretty sure that's what a dirty hit looks like. What they're trying to take out of the game.Steelers QB Mason Rudolph knocked 'OUT' of the game and now his college teammate WR James Washington (shoulder injury) 'OUT' for the remainder of this slugfest.

if Rudolph is out next week, steelers are one hit away from Paxxson Lynch being their starter. The Josua Dobbs trade was so unnecessary & now it's haunting them.
Regardless of whether or not Earl Thomas was targeting, the bigger concern right now should be Mason Rudolph's health. Injuries like that go beyond football.

Steelers fans on Twitter disappointed because Mason Rudolph hit

Not sure if it's bad luck, poor coaching or poor players but two of steelers best players have fumbles at key times at the end of the game and it cost them.  Black and Gold till in dead and cold but  this hurts. They usually don't lose like this.

Ravens 26 Steelers 23 - Penalties

Baltimore: 11 accepted penalties, 92 yards, 13 flags

Pittsburgh: 11 accepted penalties, 76 yards, 12 flags

Total: 22 accepted penalties, 168 yards, 25 flags

Can't recall the last time this many teams were winless at this point in the season. Dolphins, Jets, Redskins, Bengals. Three of the four have new head coaches and essentially same personnel. Steelers, Cardinals have just one. Whew

The Patriots' five opponents this year (the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Bills, and Redskins) points/game so far:
Dolphins: 6.5 ppg
Jets: 9.75 ppg
Bills: 18 ppg
Redskins: 14.6 ppg
Steelers: 19.8 ppg

2019 Steelers are cursed:
Lose Bell to free agency
Lose AB to CTE
Lose Ben to injury
Rudolph got KO’d
Conner/JuJu fumbling key times
OC Randy looks lost
Moncrief bust
D is playing amazing yet they 1-4 losing 3 close games within 4 points
Refs dumb calls vs SEA & BAL

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