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Texas vs Kansas | NFL NCAA

Texas beat Kansas last week with a late field goal and escaped disaster. The team already has two defeats, but there are still chances to compete for the final of the Big-12 conference. The main merit as a result of 50-48 belongs to quarterback Sam Elinger, who scored 399 yards with four touchdowns, although he did not avoid losing one of the key moments of the game. Everything looks much worse for the defense of Longhorns, which takes the penultimate place in the conference in terms of the total number of yards missed. Over the past two weeks, she has allowed three rival players to score more than 100 extension yards. There are problems with pressure on quarterbacks - in only seven games of the season, only two secs have been made.

TCU, on the contrary, makes the main bet on its defense, which is one of the best in Big-12. The attack of the team plays unevenly, but the coaches trust newcomer quarterback Max Duggan. Unfortunately for him the season went wrong with host Jaylene Rigor, who this season has just 271 yards with three touchdowns. Recession is also observed in the running Darius Anderson. At the beginning of the season, he became the first player in the program in 17 years to score more than 100 yards in three consecutive matches. In the last two games, he endured only 49 and 56 yards.