Top Major League Baseball Players of All Time

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NFL Therapy talks about the best players in the regular Major League Baseball championship and predicts the distribution of individual awards

Perhaps I’ll take up my favorite pastime. Well, I love to take stock, give prizes and make ratings. And the prize “named after Lux” gets ... Someday my prize will be awarded with the same consistency and the same thrill as the Nobel Prize, and there will also be a permanent prize pool. But instead of a million dollars, the winners will receive a bottle of warm beer and a crumpled cigarette. Well, that’s also good, especially in the morning. Moving through life must be light.

Recently I was asked a question in the context of “why NFL Therapy does not do this?” I can’t answer for everyone, but I try to do only what I like. However, sometimes you have to do unloved things. For two days to lie depressed after another four-day spree, for example. But this also has something interesting. For example, during this time I manage to watch some series. 8 episodes of Euphoria and I feel alive again. And I have time to think about the following material. And now, what I thought about this time: since the regular Major League Baseball championship is over, it's time to talk about the main applicants for individual season awards.Estimate who is the best. But not subjectively, as usual, but to collect the maximum information from all analytical baseball resources and introduce you to the very, very, top main players of this season, who are highly likely to become prize winners. True, one cannot do without my subjective assessments. Do you agree to such an objective-subjective approach? If so, then flew with me at light speed into the baseball space, to its main galactic bodies.

Sorry for such a long introductory act. Now we can safely proceed to the individual results of the regular Major League Baseball championship.

American League profit center

Mike Trout (“Los Angeles Angels”)

The winning team, the team going to the playoffs - to hell with that! Mike Trout - American League profit center. The award is presented. Case is closed.

Challengers: Alex Bregman (Houston Astros)

National League Profit Center

Cody Bellinger (“Los Angeles Dodgers”)

Unlike the American League, everything is much closer here. I would even say that the main contender for the prize will not receive a 20 percent probability of his victory. And if, at the end of the season, Yelich and Martha had not been injured, the battle for the award would have been even more fierce. And so, Yelich and Marte remain contenders for the prize, however, their chances are minimal. You can not say about Pete Alonso, Anthony Randon and two brave men from “Atlanta” - Freddie Freeman and Ronald Akuni.

And yet - Bellinger, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, he held one of the most impressive regular season starts in history, which is comparable only to the results of Babe Ruth. Secondly, Bellinger spent the top defensive season, and experts have no doubt that he will receive Golden Heads (prize for the best defender in his position). Thirdly, he plays for the team, which became the best in the National League, while being its leader. Fourth, look at the Cody .305 / .406 / .629 lineup with 47 home runs and 15 stolen bases. Finally, Bellinger showed one of the best WAR results in history (an indicator of player importance in team results).Bellinger spent the historical season, even though he slowed down a bit by the end of the championship. But this in no way negates the importance of the achievements of the Dodgers player in this regular season.

Applicants: Christian Yelich (“Milwaukee Brewers”), Keitel Marte (“Arizona Diamondbacks”), Anthony Randon (“Washington Nationals”), Ronald Akunya and Freddy Freeman (both “Atlanta Braves”)

Sai Young American League

Justin Verlander ( Houston Astros )

One of the greatest pitchers of our time, the future member of the Hall of Fame, the husband of the beautiful Kate Upton, Justin Verlander is obliged to win the prize for the best pitcher of the American League this season. Back in the middle of the season, Verlander had many rivals who were ready to compete for the title. But half of them fell off due to their game, others could not stand it due to injuries. As a result, of the visible rivals Justin has only teammate Garrit Cole. According to statistics on Baseball Prospectus (the analytical resource of baseball), the difference between Verlander and Cole is not so great.

Many believe that Verlander spent one of the two best seasons of his career (223 inning, 300 strikeouts, 2.58 ERA), for his first fantastic season Verlander received not only Sai Young, but also the MVP (which is a phenomenal rarity for pitchers). His partner in “Astros” spent a more shocking ending and outperformed Verlander in transmittance in the last week of the championship. Cole went in pursuit of Verlander immediately after the All-Star Game. Yet Justin had a more solid season. But the decision between the two Houston aces will be very close. It will be a shame if Verlander misses the prize, because he already did it in the seasons of 2012, 2016 and 2018, and lost literally in a few votes.

Applicants: Garrit Cole (Houston Astros)

Sai Young National League

Jacob DeGrom (New York Mets)

And still DeGrom. Yes, Hugh-Jin Ryu spent the shock of the first half of the season, but in the second he was far from being so good. Max Scherzer was the same - the second half of the season was for the ace “Washington” completely unsuccessful. So from the pitchers of “Washington” I would even more distinguished Strasbourg and Corbin. Or Castillo from the Reds. But, by and large, it seems that Jacob DeGrom deserved this title more than others. He is the second consecutive year to prove that he is the number one pitcher of the National League. Last season was historical, this one is proof, manifest.
Despite, as usual, the strange Mets defense game in DeGrom matches - he is again on top. Listen, he has not missed injuries since September 9th. Since May 1, it has a transmittance of 2.07. DeGrom has 255 strikeouts - the best result of the National League. All this speaks for him

Applicants: Hugh-Jean Ryu (“Los Angeles Dodgers”), Stephen Strasbourg (“Washington Nationals”)

American League Best Rookie

Jordan Alvarez ( Houston Astros )

If someone else at the beginning of the season said that the title of the best AL rookie would go to anyone other than Vladimir Guerrero Jr., they would have laughed at him a lot. Laughter would range from Toronto itself to the US Navy bases in San Diego. And even in the middle of the season it seemed absolutely logical. Guerrero was incredibly good. Not as good as his great dad, but he has already begun to reveal his mighty potential. But then Brandon Low of “Tampa” revealed himself, who went to the All-Star Game, and in the second half of the season Jordan Alvarez opened. That's who really lit it. Alvarez has 1.131 OPS on his account at WAR 2.1. Compare with the numbers of Guerrero (.800 OPS, 1.6 WAR). Alvarez's home runs have become a major Astros leadership in the American League. Yes, he played less than half the season, but at one time this did not stop Gary Sanchez from winning this title. Alvarez was bright, incomparable and influential. And this is one of the two best teams in the championship.

Applicants: Vladimir Guerrero (“Toronto Blue Jays”), Brandon Low (“Tampa Bay Race”)

Best National League rookie

Pete Alonso (New York Mets)

If Pete Alonso does not receive this award, you can safely cancel it forever. Although this will not happen. Alonso is the strongest rookie this year. The author of a home run record for a beginner in the history of Major League Baseball. Applicant for the title of profit center. What more i can say? Alonso said everything with his game. He is already a Major League Baseball superstar in his first season as a pro. A boy of incredible talent with a sledgehammer instead of a bat. Let Mike Soroka and Fernando Tatis rest. 53 home runs have done their job!

The best manager of the American League

Aaron Boone (“New York Yankees”)

Given all the problems with the composition of the Yankees, I do not see a single opponent with Aaron Boone. The leaders and players of the second wave of the team were injured all season, but Boone somehow found solutions to the personnel issue. As a result, “Yankis” had a brilliant season and with great advantage won the division. Boone's contribution to this success is enormous, like skyscrapers in New York, prices in Soho, and the distance from Manhattan to Rockaway Beach.

Applicants: Rocco Baldelli (“Minnesota Twins”)

Best National League Manager

Craig Consell ( Milwaukee Brewers )

Perhaps the best manager of Major League Baseball. Tricky, ornate, literate. Behind his every decision lies a whole layer of meanings. As during the season, and in a single match. The real chess player Craig Consell copes with the lack of superstars in the rotation of starting pitchers, copes with injuries of leading players, copes with circumstances during the game. The star of the coaching workshop of Major League Baseball, and the most valuable person in the Brewers.

That's all. We saw the best individual performances of the season as follows. Perhaps we will fall into every title. Maybe we’ll make a mistake somewhere. But we are sure that most of the players represented here are worthy of rewards.
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