Wisconsin - Ohio State. Match preview | NFL NCAA

One of the key matches of the Big-10 conference will take place on Saturday, which can seriously affect the tournament position and teams and their prospects. The Ohio State will play against Wisconsin in its home field.

Ohio state | NFL NCAA

In favor of the Ohio State says the speed at which their attack works. Justin Fields and his hosts do not need much time to conduct a productive drive. A team's quarterback average gains over nine yards per pass attempt. There is JK Dobbins in the backfield who can carry the ball and catch it equally efficiently. If the attack line gives his leader enough time to prepare the shot, then Wisconsin's chances will be low. Too many playmakers at Bakays. True, it is possible that external circumstances will interfere in the course of the match. On the day of the game, they promise rainy weather, which can interfere with the passive game. The Ohio State will suffer more from this development.

Wisconsin's advantage may be that his opponent has never played against a really strong opponent this season. The Badgers themselves lost last week largely due to the conservative nature of their coach, who did not dare to risk the end of the match with Illinois, relying on his defense. This is not surprising, because she is arguably the best in the NCAA at the moment. Justin Fields has never met such good passers this season.

Count on the fact that this is the team’s creed this year. This primarily concerns Jonathan Taylor. Wisconsin's Offensive Attack looks good in every game. It went on a skating rink in Michigan and Michigan State. The team is steadily converting key third downs.

Most likely we will see an excellent game in which Wisconsin proves its class, and the Ohio State wins and declares itself as a contender for the championship.