NCAA week 12 matches preview | College football 2019

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College football season is entering its decisive phase. There are fewer and fewer applicants for four places in the playoffs, and the situation inside the conferences is gradually becoming clearer. Ahead of the next game, which will give answers to the most interesting questions.

Main Weeks

Michigan State - Michigan (15)

Jim Harbo's team in recent matches looks better than in a failed game with Penn State. The schedule at the end of the season will be even more difficult: a principled game against Michigan State, a match against Indiana and a battle against Ohio State. The maximum result in these games remains a matter of principle for the team. In the first meeting in this segment, Michigan must win.

Indiana - Penn State (9)

The Nittany Lions last week suffered their first loss of the season. The game against Indiana, which runs 7-2 for the first time since 1994, will show what conclusions will be drawn from this. The personal score in the games between the rivals is 21–1 in favor of the Penn State and they really need a victory in order to have a chance of winning the division before a full-time meeting with the Ohio State.

Navy (23) - Notre Dame (16)

In this confrontation, Notre Dame was for a long time invincible, having won 43 victories in a row. The series was interrupted in 2007 and since then the Fleet has won three more matches. Victory is crucial for both teams. For the first time in a long time, the fleet is among the seeded, and Notre Dame continues to fight for getting into the New Year's bowls.

Wake Forest - Clemson (3)

Wake Forest did not pass the test last week and lost 19 points to Virginia Tech. Thus, Clemson again lost the chance to beat the seeded opponent, which could again negatively affect the prospects of getting into the playoffs. But in this game, the wards of Dabo Swinney are obliged to win. Trevor Lawrence seems to have left behind his problems and in the last three matches has avoided interceptions.

Georgia (4) - Auburn (12) 

Georgia regained the position lost after losing to South Carolina, and again claims to be the SEC finals and playoffs. However, from Auburn, for which this is the key game of the season, you can expect a surprise. Home walls should help.

Minnesota (8) - Iowa (20)

Minnesota continues to amaze fans and professionals, after defeating the Penn State, rising to the top 10. The victory in the Western division of Big-10 is getting closer. However, playing with Iowa will not be easy. The last four face-to-face meetings ended in victories of Hokays.

FCS (1) - All Miss

Louisiana State beat Alabama and now the main thing is not to fall into euphoria. All Miss go 4-6 and they desperately need a victory in the next game, and then over the Mississippi State. The truth in this match is more likely another gorgeous attacking performance from Joe Burrow.

Oklahoma (10) - Baylor (13)

Though with difficulty, Baylor continues to win, closing the group of teams that are still undefeated. Oklahoma in recent matches also does not look like a dominant force, its defense in them did not look the best. Baylor's defense, in contrast, is in perfect order and can hold back Jalen Hurts and SeeDee Lamb.

Main issues of the week

What is the hierarchy of teams with one defeat?

There are still chances that four teams will play in the playoffs without losing. They can become LSU, Clemson, Baylor and the winner of the Big-10 (Ohio State or Minnesota). But the situation is much more likely in which one place in the playoffs goes to the one who lost one match.

Who can be preferred in this case? It’s worth starting with the SEC conference, where the season with the result of 12–1 can end Georgia. She has already beaten Florida, ahead of the match with Auburn and, if successful, the final of the conference against LSS. This will be a really great resume for Bulldogs. Alabama can finish with a result of 11–1, but she will have fewer high-profile victories in her track record and they won’t reach the final of the conference.
Another highly regarded team is Penn State, but they may well suffer their second defeat in the match with Ohio State. If the Nittany Lions give a sensation and finish the year 12-1, then it will be difficult to ignore them.

Much will also depend on the full-time game of Baylor with Oklahoma, which already has one defeat. Also, the winner of the Pac-12, which Oregon and Utah are confidently heading for, will be among those teams.

What are the prospects of Alabama?

Crimson Tide has dominated college football for so long that every misfire of the team causes a storm of emotions. Especially considering that it was a home match, and she missed 46 points and 559 yards.

Alabama still has excellent quarterbacks and receivers, but protection is vulnerable. The team also lacks victories over strong opponents. The most valuable now may be considered success in a game with Texas A&M, which has long since dropped out of the top 25. To get into the playoffs, you have to win the fight in absentia with the winners of other conferences with one defeat.

Bama is unlikely to win the SEC West Division. Most likely, she will finish the season 11-1, where the best victory will be a win against Auburn. Would that be enough? In 2017, the Crimson Tide did not win their division, but ended up in the playoffs and became champions. This time the competition is much higher.