Dolphins have decided on plans for the end of the season

Dolphins nfl picture

This week, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores announced that quarterback veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, who led the team to two straight wins after seven losses at the start, will remain the starting quarterback until the end of the 2019 season. This means that the experiment with Josh Rosen has come to an end.

“I see him quarterback in the foreseeable future. He did a good job. He energizes the guys. He moved the ball well. He pulled out games that were really hard for us - he endured, played outside the envelope, and passed well. He achieves the result and he will remain, ”one of the Florida newspapers reports Flores.

Fitzpatrick started the season as the starting quarterback for Miami, but was then replaced by Josh Rosen. He returned to the start in the seventh week after almost organizing a comeback against Redskins in the sixth week game. Fitzpatrick was the starting quarterback in his last four games, losing to Buffalo and Pittsburgh, then leading the Dolphins to victories over the Jets and Colts.

This decision brings some clarity to the team’s plans for the next draft. It can be expected that Dolphins will now probably draft the future starting quarterback in the first round. At the moment, they have three peaks of the first round and the choice will fall either on Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa or on JS Burrow from LSU, who in the face-to-face game with Crimson Tyde completed 80% of transfers for 393 yards and designed three touchdowns.
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