Georgia - Florida. Match preview. | NCAA

Georgia vs Florida week 10 | NCAA

In the tenth gaming week, the central game is undoubtedly the battle of Georgia and Florida. The first are in seventh place in the ranking, the second are in ninth place. Both teams have already suffered one defeat, but are at the head of their division. The winner will almost certainly secure his way to the finals of the SEC conference, where he will play against Alabama or LSS. For the loser, the struggle for getting into the playoffs will be over, as well as the chances of getting into the New Year's bowls will decrease.

A key factor in this game is the Florida Pass Rashers. If they can get to Jake Fromm, then Gates's chances will increase. At the moment, Florida is the best SEC team in this aspect - they have 29 sacks and 250 yards taken from opponents by captures behind the rally line.

The lack of effectiveness of the pass led Florida to the defeat of LCJ. In that match, the team did not make a single sec. Conversely, in the victory game with Obern, the key was the pressure of Jonathan Greenard on quarterback Bo Nix, who eventually threw with an accuracy of only 40%.

For the game with Georgia, Jabari Zuniga should also be back in operation, which means that Florida's pass-racers will be in optimal composition for the first time this season. Opposing them will be one of the best attack lines in the NCAA.

Linear Georgia this season allowed their rivals to make just four sacks on Jake Fromme. The team also lost the least yards from grabs in minus. Three of these sacks, as well as all three interceptions performed by Fromm, accounted for a lost match against South Carolina. Undoubtedly, the study and analysis of this game took a lot of time in preparing Florida for the confrontation.

Georgia vs Florida week 10 | NCAA

A tense match awaits us, in which victory will be on the side of the one who made fewer mistakes. The favorite, with a slight margin, is Georgia, which this season allowed its rivals to issue only six touchdowns.