NCAA begins work on changes to its rules

On Tuesday, NCAA executives voted unanimously to begin the process of adapting their principles and rules so that students can earn money by using their name and image.

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The three divisions that make up the association will begin work on resolving the issue of updating the rules in order to be able to maintain the differences between amateur and professional sports. Change should create equal conditions for athletes and ordinary students, maintain the priority of education and ensure the equality of all universities included in the association. The new rules should enter into force on January 1, 2021.

“We need to make the necessary changes to give students better opportunities,” said Michael Drake, a member of the Governing Council. “Flexibility in these matters will provide additional opportunities to support student sports as part of the higher education system.”

The Council met on Tuesday morning at the Emory University campus in Atlanta. Ohio State Sports Program Director gene Smith and Big East Val Ackerman, Conference Commissioner, who led the working group, made recommendations on changes to the organization’s rules. At the same time, Smith said that the NCAA will not follow the “California” model, which implies the creation of an almost unlimited market. According to him, the working group will continue its activities and, most likely, possible transactions in this area will be approved by a special body under the NCAA.

Recall that in the past few months, more than ten states have expressed their interest in adopting laws similar to California. Last week, Florida Governor Ron Desantis expressed support for such an act. The variety of options proposed by senators across the country has led NCAA President Mark Emmert to express an opinion on the preference of a single federal law.
One of the initiators of the adoption of such acts, Nancy Skinner and Mark Walker, said they were ready to work with the NCAA on possible amendments to their laws, but also added that such a “kick in the ass” was necessary for the associations to start acting.

At the federal level, the bill is being promoted by Anthony Gonzalez, a member of the Ohio House of Representatives who previously played for the Ohio State and the NFL. He said that he was discussing possible changes to the project with Gene Smith, but would like to know what conclusions the working group made.
The NCAA makes changes to its rules and regulations from November to April. The deadline for submitting proposals expires this week, but an exception will probably be made for the student earnings question. Voting on proposals for its decision will take place at the NCAA's annual board of directors in April 2020.