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Georgia defeated a direct competitor in the fight for the championship in the division and again returned to the number of applicants for the playoffs. This week seemed to be the only game worthy of attention. No FSC, no Alabama, no Ohio State, no Penn State, no Oklahoma, no one from the Heisman Trophy ... No problem!

Student football has once again confirmed its unpredictability. On Thursday, one of the previously unbeaten teams lost, and the other barely escaped in a difficult game. On Saturday, Notre Dame and Utah began the final quarters, lagging behind, but managed to turn the tide of their matches. As usual, there is something to discuss.

The attack on Georgia Third Downey

The game of Georgia and Florida, as expected, turned out to be very stubborn. Two great defenses had a good match. Jake Fromm (279 yards, 20 of 30, two touchdowns) and Kyle Trask (257 yards, 21 of 33, two touchdowns) moved the ball well, showing almost identical statistics. Bulldogs looked a little stronger in the pass, but this advantage was not enough to blow up the course of the match.

But there was one aspect that determined Georgia’s victory: the implementation of the third downs.

It all started with the failure of Florida, which in a 3-and-1 situation first made a false start, and then was able to score only five yards. The 4-and-1 draw was unsuccessful and gave the opponent a short margin. Georgia responded with a drive, during which it successfully converted 3-and-14, 3-and-11, 3-and-1 and 3-and-6. It ended with a field goal.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the runnerback Geytors Dameon Pierce was stopped on a short third down. In response, Georgia sold three-thirds of the three downs and brought a touchdown.

In the middle of the last game segment, Bulldogs successfully converted 11 out of 16 third downs, Florida 0 out of 6 (except for two cases when the first down was scored due to violation of defense). At the end of the game, Jake Fromm gave 22 yards to Eli Wolfe, who turned out to be productive. It was in a 3-and-7 situation and an unrealized transfer would leave Florida more than two minutes for the last attack. Obviously, Kirby Smart was confident in his quarterback and attack. After the victory, Georgia staked out the status of the main favorite of the SEC Eastern Division.

Baylor Defense

Baylor continued his winning streak by beating West Virginia, but the team’s game was not convincing.

Three times Bears allowed the ball to be lost at fumbles, and also marked with a drive of 85 yards without points. In his ending, they tried three times to make an attempt one yard from the opponent's test zone. Fortunately for the team, the defense was able to bring them victory.

By the end of the first quarter, West Virginia's attack gained just 25 yards and only one first down. The first six possessions ended in a set of less than a dozen yards and antlers. In the middle of the third quarter, Baylor was only 7-0 in the lead, but this lag seemed unplayable.

West Virginia managed to return to the game for a short while after an 83-yard touchdown by Austin Kendall and George Campbell, but then Baylor’s defense again set to work. The next 12 draws brought the Mountaineers a total of 15 yards and a blocked field goal.

Of course, the attack of West Virginia bears its share of responsibility for this terrible result, but these are also encouraging symptoms for protecting Baylor, who previously had serious problems in games with the Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

Jamie Newman, quarterback Wake Forest

While all the major contenders for the Highman Trophy were resting, Jamie Newman took the opportunity to make himself known. He missed the last match due to a shoulder injury, but its consequences did not affect its effectiveness.

In the first quarter of the game with North Carolina, State Newman designed a pass and two remote touchdowns. This season only succeeded Jalen Herts and Justin Fields.

In the next two quarters, Jamie organized two more pass touchdowns and inspected the final segment of the match from the bench. Before this match, Newman averaged 341 yards and made 3.3 touchdowns per game. We can say that for him it was a normal day.

More importantly, Wake Forest comes with a 7-1 result and has some chances of winning the ACC Atlantic Division. The main match for them will be held November 16 away against Clemson. Wake Forest looks stronger than South Carolina, Illinois and Kansas State, and each of these teams has already beaten one of the favorites.

Ian Buck, who organized the victorious drive of his team

Largely due to the return of the fumble to the 98-yard test zone performed by Devine Diblo, the final quarter of the Notre Dame and Virginia Tech game started with a score of 14-20. This time, Ian Buck was able to do what he failed in the battle with Georgia.

Less than three minutes before the end of the game, the Notre Dame attack was in a 4-and-3 situation at its 20 yards. Any outcome of the draw, except for the first down, meant for the team the third defeat of the season and the end of the campaign in the New Year's bowls. Beech gave an accurate pass by five yards and began the victorious march of the Irish.

He acted not too effectively, but was reliable in key moments of the drive. In a 3-and-7 situation, Buk found Avery Davis scoring 12 yards. Then, after three consecutive unsuccessful passes, he gave a brilliant pass to Chase Kleipul, who scored 26 yards and was stopped seven yards from the Virginia Tech score zone. Two more inaccurate programs and Buk kicked himself earned victory points for the team.

He was generally a key element of the Notre Dame offensive attack, as Tony Jones was injured and Jafar Armstrong had a poor game (37 yards in 19 removal attempts). In addition to 50 yards across the land, Iain Buk scored 341 pass yards. The defensive role was also significant, which allowed Virginia Tech to score only 240 yards, and also made an interception ten seconds before the end of the match.

Mason Fine, North Texas quarterback

Before the start of the season, there were enough opinions that Mason Fine is the best quarterback of college football among those unknown to the general public. In the first three seasons of his career, Fine scored 9417 yards with 64 touchdowns. To his misfortune, the defense of the team looks terrible and misses at least 30 points in each game. All this led to the result of 3-5 and Mason's complete departure from the radars.

Last week, his team was rivaled by the University of Texas at El Paso, whose defense is even more enchanting. Fine took advantage of this and scored another 332 yards with seven touchdowns.

After the match, Mason came to the press conference in a dinosaur costume, belatedly celebrating Halloween.

Bryce Perkins, Virginia quarterback

Perkins gave an even more impressive performance than Jamie Newman. In a match with North Carolina, the Virginia quarterback scored 378 yards with a pass and 112 takeaways, organizing five touchdowns of his team.

Last season, he spent several good matches, but did not show anything like it. More than 100 yards Perkins broke his personal record and set a new achievement in the number of touchdowns.

Now, Bryce has become a member of a kind of quarterback club, which in one match scored 375 yards with a pass with three touchdowns and 100 yards with two touchdowns. Previously, Johnny Manzel, Lamar Jackson, Taj Boyd, Nick Fitzgerald and Dierick King succeeded.

Now Virginia single-handedly heads its division and has good chances to stay there until the finish line. Bronco Mendenhall returns the program to the football card.

Ranninbeks from Power 5, 200 yards each

Until this week there were few such performances among the runners and all of them took place on the periphery of the NCAA. In the first nine weeks, rannbacks scored 200 or more yards per game just nine times. One third of them are on account of the best running championship of Chuba Hubbard from Oklahoma State. On Saturday, Power 5 representatives demonstrated their capabilities.

One of them was AJ Dillon from Boston College. In 35 attempts, he scored 242 yards with three touchdowns. This is not a record for him, in the first year of performances he scored 272 yards per game. Now Dillon is only 17 yards short of the 4000 mark.

Two hundred yards was blocked by Clemson's rannbek Travis Etienne. In a game with Wofford, he scored 212 yards with two touchdowns. On average, Etienne scored 23.6 yards in an attempt to take out. Over the past twenty years, the best result was shown only by Melvin Gordon, who in 2012 scored 216 yards in nine removal attempts.

For the fourth time this season, Hubbard crossed the 200-yard mark. In a game with TCU, he scored 223 yards on the ground with two touchdowns. He now has 1,604 yards and the bar in 2000, he must overcome without any problems.

Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M, 217 yards) and Cailin Hill (Mississippi State, 234 yards) were also high.

Five great earlyback games are not an FBS record. In 2016, in the twelfth week, there were immediately seven such speeches by representatives of the strongest conferences. Then distinguished Christian McCaffrey, Delvin Cook, Damary Crockett, Dontay Forman, Justin Crawford, Rico Dowdle and Rowley Williams. But in any case, it was a big day for players who single-handedly decide the outcome of matches.

Scott Frost, Nebraska Head Coach

Before the start of the season there was an incredible amount of noise around the team, Kornhaskers even recorded as applicants for access to the playoffs. However, they lost the leaders of the early run back attack Devin Ozigbo and the receiver Stanley Morgan. The second quarterback, who had lost his main weapon, was supposed to drag the team.

They also expected something special from the trainer Scott Frost, who completed his second season in Central Florida with a result of 13-0. In the meantime, Nebraska is rapidly approaching 4-8, which may become her third in a row.

This week, Kornhaskers lost to the bloodless Pardew. The teams gave an effective fourth quarter, making four touchdowns for two. Nebraska had a chance to organize a victorious drive, but it ended in a loss on the downs. Ahead of the game with Wisconsin, Maryland and Iowa. The possibility of getting into the bowl for the team is no longer considered. Most likely they will win their fifth victory in Maryland, but the team does not seem able to create a sensation in the game with a strong opponent.

In the modern world, everyone is inclined to overly emotionally evaluate any events, but hardly anyone seriously believes that Frost will be fired in the offseason. However, the beginning of his career can hardly be considered promising. Especially after the dismissal of Bo Pelini, in which Nebraska spent seven consecutive seasons with at least nine victories. In the rest of the season, Kornhaskers may not win, but they are simply obliged to demonstrate desire, passion and at least some potential to improve their game.

Defense of Syracuse

Perhaps someone else remembers how a couple of months ago Syracuse was called the second team in ACC thanks to one of the best defenses in the NCAA. Since then, much has changed.

The Orange defense last week allowed the Florida State to score 487 yards. Prior to this, in games with Maryland, Clemson and West Michigan, they missed 650, 615 and 557 yards respectively. In the last game against Boston College, the Syracuse defense has renewed its “helplessness record”.

The runner David Bailey scored 172 yards with two touchdowns, but did not become the best in the team in any of the indicators. All laurels went to AJ Dillon, who chalked up 242 yards and three touchdowns. In total, players at Boston College in the attack scored 691 yards, of which 496 had to be taken out. Most of this attack feast came in the second quarter of the match, during which four different players designed touchdowns for 64, 50, 51 and 74 yards. At the same time, in the first eight games of the season, Boston Eagles College had only seven draws for 50 or more yards. It’s hard to imagine the worst defense.

San Belt Conference

For the first time in history, the representative of the conference, San Belt, aroused interest among fans who were not related to her. Of course, the Appalachian State could not get into the playoffs, but they started the tenth week without a defeat, took 20th place in the AP rating (the highest result in the history of San Belt) and could qualify for New Year's bowls.

All this remained in the past after the defeat from South Georgia in his field with a score of 21-24. Like last year, the Appalachian State failed to find an answer to the opponent's triple opshn. South Georgia players scored 335 yards (6.0 per attempt) and scored three touchdowns. At the same time, they had only one completed pass. The last time the seeded team was inferior to the enemy, who made no more than one exact pass, in 2011 (the Ohio State beat the seeded at number 16 Illinois).

Now for the conditional Joe, who is monitoring student football ratings, the San Belt conference does not exist on the map. It is unlikely that the Appalachian State’s possible victory over South Carolina in a week will help her return there.

Florida State Seminols

The Florida State's worst game this season was a duel with Clemson, when the team scored only 253 yards. In all the rest, the Seminoles moved over three hundred yards in the attack and scored at least 20 points even if they lost. However, in the match with Miami they had to limit themselves to 203 yards, this is one of the worst results of the team since 2011.

The Miami defense made nine sacks and 16 captures with loss of yards. Taken together, the Florida State players scored 31 yards in 41 attempts. Ahead of the team matches with Florida and Boston College, but the leadership of the university did not wait for new achievements and has already sent Willie Taggart to resign.

Protecting AAC Commands

Nine conference teams in games among themselves this week scored at least 26 points and 398 yards. The only exception was Connecticut, whose attack can always be put in brackets. This means that the defense of these teams missed exactly the same amount.

In some cases, as with the same Connecticut, Houston and East Carolina, this is not so surprising. But what happened to Cincinnati and Central Florida? Both teams won their matches, but the defense was unusually weak.

Central Florida's defense was the best in the conference, missing 4.43 yards per rally. Houston, playing with reserve quarterback and running, she allowed to score 419 yards.

Cincinnati had to start the final quarter of the match with East Carolina with a score of 28-40. The final result of the game is 46-43, and the victory was obtained thanks to the field goal in the end. Defending the team allowed the opponent to score 638 yards and 43 points. So much they did not miss from the second week match against the Ohio State.

The UML was not so lucky and their winning streak was interrupted in the game with Memphis. The Mustangs did not find an antidote against Antonio Gibson, who was noted for touchdowns on the takeaway, at the reception and at the return of the initial strike.

Those who buried Pac-12 teams back in September

By the fifth game week, each of the conference teams suffered at least one defeat. Oregon was sown above all and it seemed that losing to Auburn, he missed the only opportunity to beat a strong opponent.

However, the defeats of Georgia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, and the games between the other teams of the top 15, led to the fact that Oregon and Utah can again be considered as applicants for the playoffs. Their position strengthened after difficult victories, while Florida suffered a second defeat of the season. It is very likely that the winner of Pac-12 with a score of 11–1 will be in the top six. Clemson's possible defeat and the first four will be very close.