What Did James Harrison Said About Tom Brady

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James Harrison: I would love to hate Tom Brady, but he is a great teammate

James Harrison & Tom Brady

Harrison spent the 12th season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and played against the Patriots point guard all this time, but ended up playing with New England. At the end of his career, he noticed that he still loved the one against whom he had spoken for most of his career.

James told Fox Sport 1 that he was very surprised not only by how Brady greeted him in the new team, but also by his attitude to each player in the team: whether he was a beginner, a star or a guy from praxis squad in general.

Harrison didn’t always have a good relationship with his teammates. Be it in the Steelers, Bengals, or Patriots. But what united him and Tom was the desire to win and do everything so that the goals set were achieved. Therefore, it is not surprising that they both got along well.

James summed up: "Believe me, I would very much like to hate him, but if you stop for a moment and think, I would say:" Damn, he is the best teammate I have ever seen. "
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