Five Reasons Eagles Could Choose Hurts

Philadelphia approached the draft with problems in many positions: receiver, linebacker, second-hand line. Against this background, the decision of the club’s general manager Howey Rosman to choose under the general number 53 of quarterback Jalen Hurts seems illogical. NBC columnist Adam Hermann went through social networks and put together five versions of what happened.

Carson Wentz Injury History

Eagles may be worried about their quarterback's health status. This has a certain meaning. Last season, Wentz played in all sixteen matches of the regular season for the first time since his debut in the league. However, in the playoffs he left the field with a concussion. In 2017, he missed the last three games of the championship and the subsequent campaign for the championship rings due to a break in the ligaments. In 2018, Carson missed five games for various reasons, including due to back problems. Here is the opinion of Philadelphia journalist Ruben Frank: “You don’t take quarterback in the second round, when your starter with a contract of $ 100 million only reaches the peak of his career, if you have no doubt about his health.”
It is possible that, given the history of Wentz’s injuries, dating back to his college years, the Eagles took on some insurance for the future.

The desire to get your Taysom Hill

Some observers and fans immediately after the selection of Hurts suggested that Rosman sees him as an analogue of Taysom Hill for the next season or two. Hill, the reserve Saints quarterback, plays the role of the Swiss knife in Sean Payton's attack. It is possible that in Philadelphia they can use the skills of Hurts, who in college scored 3,274 yards with 43 touch-outs in a similar style. Team coach Doug Pederson has already managed to tell reporters that Hurts has a unique set of skills.

Choosing the best available player

Often during the draft, situations arise when the team cannot take the player to the desired position and makes a choice in favor of the best remaining. Was Hurts the best available at that time? With a certain stretch, despite his successes in college. It is possible that the club scouts and Roseman really considered him a level two player and did not have other options. Not in favor of this version is the fact that at that time the receiver Denzel Mims, cornerback Christian Fulton and pass-racer AJ Epenes remained free.

Peak with an eye on the exchange

Immediately after the announcement of the choice, the opinion appeared that Rosman could exchange Hurts for several elections in the same draft. Of course, if you argue like this, it would be more logical to look just an exchange down, but there is such a version.

Against such an option, it is difficult to find a team that could solve the problem with the quarterback in this way. There is some uncertainty about this position in Washington, but there they had the opportunity to take Tangovailoa or Herbert in the first round. Possible candidates are called Carolina and Patriots, but these teams still have draft capital, and among the remaining players there are still promising quarterbacks.

Uncertainty about existing backups

We have already talked about the exposure of Ventza to injuries. It is possible that the front office considers the absence of a reliable substitute to be the main obstacle to the Super Bowl (a very controversial opinion, but it exists). Before the draft, Nates Sadfeld and Kyle Lauleta were behind Carson. It is possible that both of these players do not fully meet the requirements of the Orlov coaching staff.

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