ACC is ready to help Notre Dame

Representatives of Big 10 announced that there will be no games with teams from other conferences in the 2020 season. Few doubts that other NCAA conferences will come to the same decision. This will reduce the risks to the health of players, but puts independent programs, in particular Notre Dame, in a difficult position.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford said his conference was ready to come to the rescue and de facto include Notre Dame in its ranks for this period. While the question remains, how will the Irish results be taken into account in this case, but a significant plus is that the team will not be left without rivals. Now the leadership of Notre Dame has two possibilities.
Become part of the ACC football family for 2020 

Now Notre Dame sports programs, with the exception of football and hockey, are already part of the conference. These connections will certainly be on hand. In case of such a decision, there will be fifteen teams in the tournament and the schedule will have to be slightly revised, but this is a working moment.
There are two more important points. Will Notre Dame have the right to play in the final of the conference if it shows the corresponding result? Will the results of matches with the Irish be taken into account when determining the places of other teams? The first question is not too clear; according to the second, there are high chances that all games will be counted.

In the future, such a temporary solution could lead to the entry of the Notre Dame football program into the ACC on an ongoing basis. At the very least, the conference will have additional leverage to convince the university to move towards closer cooperation.
ACC plus independent programs
An alternative calendar option would be a combination of games against teams from ACC and independent universities. According to Suofford, the conference is ready to work with Notre Dame as necessary, therefore, the Irish have a certain freedom of action.

The calendar would then include games against Clemson, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Duke and Georgia Tech. Notre Dame would have played six more games against the independent Brigham Young, Liberty, Army, Massachusetts, New Mexico State and Connecticut. Not a very tempting calendar, but this is a full season of twelve games. In addition, there remains room for maneuver if you have to reduce it.

Thus, given the comments of the ACC Commissioner, Notre Dame is likely to avoid problems in this already difficult year. Other independent programs may have to deal with the realities of the season of six matches.