Alabama corner back patrick surtain : Scouting with Jeremiah

Daniel Jeremiah's series of tales of college football's most notable talents continues. Corner back Patrick Surtain II representing Alabama is next!
Patrick surtain Alabama Crimson tide

I officially declare that I feel old! When I started as a scout in Baltimore in the early 2000s, Patrick Surtain was one of the league's top corner backs in undercover. Together with Sam Madison, they made an excellent tandem in the Miami Dolphins. We are now fast-forwarding to 2018. Alabama is playing and Surtain's son is on the field. Now he is one of the most talented and promising corner backs in the country. How time flies!

Height and weight. 185 cm, 92 kg

Statistics for the 2019 season. 42 tackles (32 singles), 1 tackle with lost yards, 2 steals, 8 missed passes, 3 forced fumbles, 1 matched fumbles

Watched matches. South Carolina (September 14), Texas A&M (October 12), LSU (November 9)

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What we liked. Patrick is tall and slender. He has the ideal physique for a corner back. I believe he can play any defensive circuit. He has an excellent technique for working with his hands, he does not make unnecessary movements, he plays patiently. Due to its high speed, Surtain can withstand receivers on vertical routes.

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Speed ​​also makes him very useful in zone cover where Patrick can predict the direction of play and cover any ball that is flying in his direction. He is mobile, reads the host's routes well and takes the correct position on the field. Surtain also feels confident against overhead attack, can fight blockers and is reliable when grabbing in free space.

What needs to be added? Patrick is athletic, moves smoothly, but lacks speed and sharpness for the elite level. This was noticeable in the game with South Carolina, when he did not keep up with the receiver when changing direction on the slant. Surtain also often turns his back to the receiver and makes a full turn around his axis instead of moving his hips. Some coaches teach playing like this, but I believe that such a maneuver gives the opponent time to break away. This always makes it difficult for big corner backs. However, the advantages of size and physical strength outweigh these disadvantages.
Patrick surtain Alabama Crimson tide

The main conclusion. In Surtains game, everyone can choose something of their own. Three things I like: anthropometry, instinct and ball skills. This is a good basis for developing a corner back capable of playing at the highest level in the NFL. I have already said that I can represent him in any scheme, but I think that he will especially have to go to the court in Seattle. Patrick looks like someone who can fit into the Seahawks defense, play in person and cover 3.

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With whom can you compare? Surtain's confidence, size and jumping ability remind me of Byron Jones from the Dolphins. They are about the same physique, move similarly, act confidently in depth of field, and rarely allow opponents to do big plays. Also, both players are useful against the clearance and generally add toughness to the defense. Jones plays sharper and faster, Surtain handles the ball better. The comparison isn't perfect, but Patrick can achieve the same high level. Jones, after five seasons in Dallas, got the coveted big deal. When the time comes, there will be demand for Surtain too.
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