Student football received a new blow: Big 10 abandoned games against other conferences

Representatives of the Big 10 conference announced that if the season still takes place, then, when scheduling, games against teams from other conferences will be excluded from it.

“If the conference programs, based on the epidemiological situation, can take part in competitions in autumn sports (field hockey, football and volleyball), then we plan to switch to the schedule with games only inside Big 10,” the official statement said. Such a restriction should give the leadership of the conference the flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to new doctors' recommendations and change the external conditions during the season, if it does start.

This decision robs fans of some interesting confrontations, including the departure of the Ohio State to Oregon, Iowa and Iowa State Rivalry, a match between Michigan and Washington.

The question remains how exactly the schedule will be reformatted. Now the Big 10 team annually holds nine matches between each other, perhaps the tenth will appear on the calendar. A detailed schedule, if students get the opportunity to play at all, will be published later.

Due to the fact that coronavirus continues to spread in the United States and there are no signs of a pandemic decline, the transition of other conferences to the same model will help to simplify the solution of many problems. The number of trips over considerable distances will be reduced, it will be easier to implement a uniform standard for testing players and staff within organizations.

Other conferences have not yet announced their plans for changes in the schedule. Missouri sports director Jim Sterk said Thursday that the SEC will decide at the end of July.

A statement by Big 10 representatives was published the day after the cancellation of all the autumn sports events in the Ivy League and the suspension of voluntary training for athletes in the Ohio State due to the large number of cases.