Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow's nerves and determination

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow gave a first glimpse of what his NFL rookie year might look like.

The first pick in 2020 made a few mistakes in their NFL debut. But at the same time, he has shown enough good performance to suggest that the Bengals can live with the rookie mistakes if that means Burrow will cement his role as the franchise's new quarterback.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow

Burrow came close to helping the Bengals avoid a 16-13 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. The rookie successfully completed 23 of 36 assists for 193 yards without passing touchdowns and with one interception. He scored his first career touchdown on his feet for 23 yards in the first quarter.

Bengals used five receivers to stretch the Chargers defense, Burrow, seeing the opportunity, ran down the center and, after waiting for an excellent block from the center of Trey Hopkins, ran into the end zone. According to NextGen Stats, Burrow reached a top speed of 23.9 km / h in this race.

In the final quarter, the newly-minted captain Bengals threw a nervous rather than a forced interception. After him, Burrow pulled himself together and was one step away from becoming the first number one quarterback to win his debut match. The last time David Carr did it back in 2002.

In the end, Burrow made a 3-yard pass to receiving AJ Green, starting with his 29 yards. The touchdown, which could have brought victory, was unfortunately canceled due to a violation in the offense. Green received the flag for interference 7 seconds before the end of the match. Kicker Randy Bullock, who had scored twice with confidence from 43 and 50 yards before, missed 31 yards with 2 seconds remaining, preventing the game from going into overtime.

On his final possession, Joe Burrow has shown the determination he will need during rookie season. Possessing the ball after that interception, Burrow calmly led the Bengals across the field and made almost all the shots he needed to recoup. He completed 8 of 11 passes for 70 yards before the pass to Green was eventually canceled.

Like Sunday, Burrow's rookie year won't be perfect. But the toughness he has shown is a good sign - after all, he will need it while he masters the NFL.