Scouting with Jeremiah: Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence

Clemson quarterback enters the 2020 season as college football face. The situation in which he becomes the owner of a peculiar triple crown looks quite real: Heisman Trophy, championship title, first choice in the NFL draft. The same excitement in 2011 was accompanied by Andrew Luck, who played for Stanford. Let's take a closer look at Trevor Lawrence With Daniel Jeremiah.

Height and weight. 198 cm, 100 kg

Statistics for the 2019 season. 3665 yards (268 out of 407, accuracy 65.8%), 36 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, 563 outboard yards (103 attempts, 5.5 yards on average), 9 touchdowns on the take-out

What did you like. Trevor Lawrence is the perfect combination of anthropometric data, athleticism, stamina and arm strength. He is very mobile and due to this he can get away from the pressure after the dropback. Lawrence quickly gets rid of the ball, but if necessary, can release even faster. He doesn’t care what part of the field to transfer, he skillfully sends the ball into the free zones between the second and third level defense players. When doing the pass, he feels well the point at which the ball and receiver should meet.
Trevor Lawrence

Even if the defense manages to disrupt the conceived combination, Lawrence shows himself as a playmaker. He is also dangerous at rallies, where he himself needs to make the ball. Trevor can firmly set his shoulder and meet the defender, but his speed is an even more formidable weapon. These qualities of Lawrence manifested themselves in each of the matches watched. He is capable of picking up a significant number of yards as a classic envelope quarterback and fight for every yard during the scramble.

What should be added? The main aspect that Lawrence needs to work on during this season is accuracy. Last year, he threw with an accuracy of 65.8%. This is a good figure, but in college football it does not always reliably reflect the true ability of the quarterback. Last year, Trevor performed enough passes when he did not throw the ball to the host in the depths of field. There were problems with throws in motion. Lawrence performs the second and third defense reads well, but often the movements of his eyes and legs are not always coordinated and this also affects the accuracy of the pass. 

The main conclusion. Lawrence has everything to become an elite player in the future. However, his talent requires development. At a similar stage in his career, Andrew Luck looked more prepared for the transition to the professional. This is not about statistics, but about the skills of controlling the situation, managing the team and the general impression of the game. I’m sure that Lawrence will reach this level, but now he is only on the way to this.

With whom can it be compared? The uniqueness of Lawrence's data and athleticism makes his comparison with anyone almost impossible. However, if you look at all the starting quarterbacks of the NFL clubs at the moment, then closest will be its predecessor in Clemson - Deshaun Watson. Both of them are distinguished by physical data and the ability to collect yards both inside the envelope and beyond. They control the ball perfectly and are distinguished by their competitiveness. Both quarterbacks are not bad at takeaway, albeit at the expense of different qualities: Watson takes mobility, Lawrence relies more on pure speed. Deshaun is one of the NFL Leaders, and Lawrence has every chance to join him in the very near future.

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