2021 NFL Draft : what will happen with the first 10 picks tonight

Everyone has had their crystal ball for several weeks. Everyone is analyzing each player in depth, team lineups and most importantly, everyone is asking around and looking for the smallest piece of information that could make a difference in a player's selection. I'm no different from anyone else. I've read a lot of articles and chatted with friends. In the end, I offer you the script of what will happen with the first 10 picks tonight.

2021 NFL Draft : what will happen with the first 10 picks tonight

1. Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence

It's no surprise that Jacksonville will select a quarterback. A franchise player who could make the Jaguars forget about the quarterbacks selected in the first round by the organization since 2008.

2. Jets select Zach Wilson

Once again it will come as no surprise that the Jets' organization will select Zach Wilson as their QB of the future. Wilson had quite a season last year and the Jets shouldn't go wrong with him.

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3. Lynch and Shanahan draft Justin Fields

Since John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been in place, they have been controlling the information about the team very well. Currently, many insiders are suggesting that John Lynch would like Trey Lance and Kyle Shanahan would like Mac Jones. So, Justin Fields will be their choice.

4. We have a trade to announce

That's when Pats coach Bill Belichick will move to acquire his next franchise quarterback. He will trade with the Falcons and opt for Mac Jones. With this selection, the Patriots could get the best quarterback after Lawrence and Wilson if we rely on Chris Simms' rankings who rank him 3rd among the 6 QBs who could go in the first round.

5. Bengals protect Joe Burrow

Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase is a friend and also Joe Burrow's former receiver at LSU. I'm convinced the Bengals will opt to protect their franchise player by selecting offensive lineman, Penei Sewell. Considered the best offensive lineman available, but also one of the top talents in the draft, the Bengals will opt for Sewell.

6. Dolphins give Tua a formidable weapon

That's when Kyle Pitts will be chosen. Pitts will provide an incredible weapon for their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. The TE will be perfect for the organization, as Tua loves short passes and with receivers like Parker and Fuller going to have to be closely guarded in the wideout areas, Pitts will be formidable.

7. Lions Select Ja'Marr Chase

With Jared Goff at the helm, the organization is going to get a high quality receiver in him. He doesn't have the physique of Megatron, but he certainly has a bright future. Chase will be able to fit into the lineup and make an impact next season.

8. Panthers go with offensive lineman

The Panthers traded Teddy Bridgewater on Wednesday, so they are putting all their faith in Sam Darnold. If Trey Lance was available, that would have been their choice, but the organization will select OL Rashawn Slater. The 6'3" 314 pound lineman is exceptional and will allow Sam Darnold to sleep easy and do his job.

9. A trade to announce

The Bears are desperate for a quarterback for the future of the franchise and they will get one by completing a trade with the Broncos. With this trade, they will select Trey Lance. Andy Dalton and Nick Foles will mentor Lance this season. Would this allow Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy to keep their jobs? We'll see, but they have to think about the future at the quarterback position and the possibility of drafting one like Trey Lance won't happen twice for them.

10. Cowboys go with top 10 defensive player

At that point, LB Micah Parsons and CB Patrick Surtain II will be available. The need for the CB position will cause the organization to go with Patrick Surtain II. With the losses of Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie, the position is very thin in depth. Surtain II is considered the best at the position and will be owned by the Dallas Cowboys.

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