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NFL Therapy: All About the NFL

"NFL Therapy: All About the NFL" blog was created in 2019 to analyze NFL games and publish player news as a Blogger blog. In 2021, the blog was updated by renewing the domain name from blogspot.com to nfl-therapy.com.

Nfl-therapy.com is not biased toward any team or player. Our goal is to publish only accurate and verified facts and news about NFL teams and players.

One of the reasons for choosing the name of the blog, nfl-therapy.com, is the blog owner’s vision of the positive energy that the American football game sends into the hearts of fans and audiences.

We only publish articles or blog posts About the Latest NFL News and Rumors, Facts About NFL Players, Teams, NFL HistoryNFL Predictions, Super Bowl.

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I'm Jimmy, the owner of NFL Therapy. I am 29 years old. I've been a fan of American football and college football since 2010. When i was browsing YouTube videos and saw NFL Highlights and NFL Hits, i fell in love with this game.

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