Can you watch all NFL games on Youtube TV? Here's the Answer

The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no surprise that millions of fans tune in to watch their favorite teams play on Sundays. But if you’re unable to make it to a game or don’t have cable, you may be wondering how you can watch all of the NFL games on YouTube TV. Well, The Good News Is That You Can Watch All Of The Games On YouTube TV, As Long As You Have A YouTube TV/YouTube Premium Subscription And A Supported TV.

Can you watch all NFL games on Youtube TV?

YouTube TV NFL

The NFL is the most-watched sports league in the world, with fans from all over the globe tuning in to watch their favorite teams battle for glory on the field. But with such a large audience, it’s hard for any team to find a big enough spotlight to get noticed. That’s where YouTube TV comes in. With YouTube TV, You Can Watch Your Favorite NFL Games And All Other Games On The Channels Of Your Choice, Including FOX And NBC, With No Cable Or Satellite TV Required.

How much is the NFL package on YouTube TV?

The NFL package on YouTube TV is only $489 per month. That gets you access to all the live games and on-demand programming from the channels in the package. You can also watch the biggest games anywhere without worrying about a cable or satellite TV subscription. The best part is that you can sign up for a month's trial today and watch the NFL without cable or satellite tomorrow without needing to call or write to any company.

You can watch the NFL on YouTube TV. It’s the best way to watch the games live and on-demand, with no cable or satellite required. You can watch on your favorite devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. You can even watch on your desktop or in the car.

Just go to the YouTube TV website or download the app. All you need is an internet connection and you're good to go. No cable is required. No satellite is required.

NFL on YouTube TV: How to Watch Your Favorite Teams

As a football fan, keeping up with your favorite NFL teams can be a challenge. With So Many Games Spread Out Across Different Networks And Streaming Services, It Can Be Tough To Catch Everything. But Thanks To YouTube TV, You Can Watch Every Game, Every Week, All Season Long. Here's Everything You Need To Know About Watching NFL On YouTube TV.

YouTube TV announced pricing for NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone

As you may have heard, the satellite television company DirecTV did not renew the broadcasting rights for the NFL Sunday Ticket service. This opened the possibility for several streaming systems to bid for the rights. YouTube TV was the winner with an offer of $2 billion per year for the next seven years.

Well, now YouTube TV announced that its subscribers will be able to purchase the season in pre-sale for $249 and if you add RedZone it will be $289. These prices will increase if you are not a YouTube TV subscriber and even more if you purchase it after the presale expires and you are not a subscriber, reaching $489 for the season.

Obviously, This Is For The United States But It May Come To Other Countries At Some Point.

Would You Like To Watch NFL Games On YouTube TV?

How to Sign Up for YouTube TV

If you're not already a YouTube TV subscriber, signing up is easy. Head to the YouTube TV website and click the "Try it Free" button. From there, You'll Need To Enter Your Payment Information And Choose A Subscription Plan. YouTube TV Offers A Variety Of Options, Including Add-ons For Premium Channels And Sports Packages.

NFL on YouTube TV

Once you're signed up for YouTube TV, you'll have access to every NFL game, including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football. You'll Also Be Able To Watch Games On Local Networks, So You Can Keep Up With Your Favorite Team Even If You're Not In Their Market.

Using YouTube TV to Watch NFL Games

Watching NFL games on YouTube TV is simple. Just Open The App Or Head To The YouTube TV Website And Navigate To The "Live" Tab. From There, You'll See A List Of All The Games Currently Airing, Along With The Time And Channel They're On. You Can Also Use The Search Function To Find Specific Games Or Teams.

Benefits of Watching NFL on YouTube TV

Here are some benefits of using YouTube TV to watch NFL games:

  • The ability to watch on any device. Whether You're At Home Or On The Go, You Can Watch Your Favorite Teams On Your TV, Phone, Tablet, Or Computer.
  • With unlimited DVR storage, you can record games to watch later or re-watch your favorite moments.

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Wrapping Up

If you're a football fan, YouTube TV is the perfect way to keep up with all the action. With Access To Every Game And The Ability To Watch On Any Device, You'll Never Miss A Moment. So Why Wait? Sign Up For YouTube TV Today And Start Watching Your Favorite NFL Teams.

How To Watch NFL Games For Free?

When You Want To Watch Football Games Live, You Have A Lot Of Options. You Can Pay To Watch The Games On Your Television Or Computer Screen, Or You Can Go To A Stadium And Watch The Games On The Big Screen. But There’s Another Option—you Can Watch The Games Free Online. There Are A Number Of Ways To Watch The Games Online, Including The NFL Game Pass, Which Is The Official Streaming Service Of The League, And A Number Of Other Sites That Show The Games For Free. You Can Try The YouTube TV Free Trial.


  1. The NFL streaming package is not available on my long-time Boston-area account in October of 2022 the link you posted takes me to my "home" directory on I can sign up for "Sports Plus", but it does not include the NFL streaming package. There is both a "Get NBA Pass" and "Get on YouTube TV", but nothing from "". The site offers streaming packages for phone and tablet, but explicitly says that games are available "only through your local affiliate".

    If this piece were true in January of this year, it is not true now. It is not possible to pay for an NFL streaming package on YouTube TV.

    1. Try this link:

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