List of Patriots Super Bowl Losses

List of Patriots Super Bowl losses in their franchise history. The New England have loss 5 Super Bowl championship and winning 6 Super Bowls titles from 11 appearances.

Patriots Super Bowl loss

Patriots Super Bowl losses with Tom Brady are 3, two losses to Giants and one lose to Eagles. Let's read more about Patriots Super Bowl losses.

Patriots Super Bowl loss to Eagles — Super Bowl LII

New England loss the 2018 Super Bowl LII against Philadelphia Eagles, on feb 4, US Bank Stadium at Minnesota, finishing the game 41-33 to Eagles. This was the first time Eagles beat Pats in Super Bowl Games since 2008 Super Bowl XXXIX met and their first Lombardi Trophy wins in franchise history. Nick Foles completed 24 pass attempts for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns with one interceptions. Foles touchdown catches "Philly Special" was Named Super Bowl MVP.

Brady comeback in the third and fourth quarter passing 3 completed touchdowns to tight end Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan, jumped the score to 33-32 to New England.

finally, Philadelphia started leading the game completing 2 successful passes from Foles to Zack Ertz (Two-Point Pass Conversion Failed) TD, field goal by kicker Jake Elliot scoring 9 points returned the lead of the game to them with total 41 points and forced the undefeated patriots to lose, Brady's hail marry pass fell incomplete as time expired. Pats finished the game breaking new records ( Most Super Bowl losses team, most points scored by a lossing team 33)

Patriots first Super Bowl loss — Super Bowl XX

On Jan 26, 1986, in New Orleans, the Patriots are hit by the steamroller of the famous 1985 Chicago Bears defense. Although the game began with a promising fumble of Walter Payton in the Bears' deep field, in the first minutes, which was covered by the Patriots defenders, the attack could not get the maximum effect from this, limiting itself to field goal. In addition, in the very first draw, the Patriots lose their starting title, Lin Dawson. Since then, the angry Bears have been tearing the Patriots apart on all fronts with 44 points, and even Bears defensive tackle William Perry, aka “Refrigerator,” scored a touchdown. The Patriots were only able to respond with a single Fryer touchdown in the fourth quarter, and the Bears close the match after Henry Waechter scores a sack on quarterback Tony Eason at the Patriots end-zone.

Patriots worst Super Bowl loss — Super Bowl XXXI

The Patriots return to New Orleans for the Super Bowl, hoping they can improve upon their not-so-so-successful 11-year-old experience. Like last time, the Patriots were the underdogs against the Green Bay Packers ahead of the match. A few days before the main game, dark clouds began to gather over the team after Parcells announced his intention to accept the offer to take on the vacant position of heading coach of the New York Jets, which was the culmination of tensions between the owner and the head coach. But, despite the feuds within the club, the Patriots were able to resist the Packers, and even take the lead for a while at the end of the first quarter, 14-10, but in the second quarter Packers earned 17 unanswered points, making a loud claim to win the match, 14-27. In the third quarter of the Patriots,

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Patriots Super Bowl losses to giants — Super Bowl XLII

When the Patriots arrive in Glendale, Arizona, the club is seen as the undisputed favorite against the New York Giants, beaten by the Patriots in the final week of the regular season, 38-35, with no doubt about who will win the match. More attention was focused on the Patriots than ever, with many fans anxiously anticipating the historic event that, for the first time in NFL history, a team will score a season with a perfect 19-0 record.

The Giants get the ball first, starting with the longest starting drive in Super Bowl history, 16 rallies for 77 yards, lasting 9 minutes and 59 seconds, including four thirds downs, but the Giants attack was stopped at 14 yards by the Patriots, forcing they are limited to just field goal, 0-3. On receipt of the ball, the Patriots staged a hit-back drive that ended early in the second quarter with a touchdown by Laurence Maroney, 7-3. The Giants' defense show excellent performance, organizing constant pressure on Brady, not giving him the usual freedom in the envelope, while the offensive attack was practically eliminated (for the entire match the Patriots were able to score only 45 yards on the cross). However, the Patriots' defense also showed solid play, with a 7-3 score of 7-3 until the start of the fourth quarter.

After a series of unsuccessful three-and-out drives from both clubs, the Patriots eventually found gaps in the Giants' defenses and, 2:42 before the end of the game, Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to Randy Moss, making the score 14-10. The Giants have three time-outs left and more than enough time to organize the drive, the attack of New York, led by Eli Manning, begins a shallow advance across the field, after several not entirely successful plays, and it already seemed that the Patriots defense would be able to hold back the onslaught of the Giants on 44 yards in New York, at 3-and-5 Eli Manning avoids the seemingly inevitable sacks and gives an incredible 32 yards pass to David Tyree, and then time seems to freeze as the ball flies across the field, towards the Giants receiver. who was covered by Rodney Harrison, Tyree takes the ball with one hand in an incredible manner, fixing him with his helmet at the 24-yard mark of the Patriots field. As it turned out later, this catch will have a fatal role in the fate of the Patriots. After a few rallies, with only 35 seconds left on the scoreboard, Eli Manning finds Plaxico Burress in the end zone and brings an incredible victory to the Giants, 14-17.

This defeat leaves the 1972 Dolphins the only undefeated champions in NFL history. The Patriots become the third team in the NFL with an 18-1 record including the playoffs, along with the 1984 San Francisco 49ers and 1985 Chicago Bears, but both have won the Super Bowl.

Giants vs Patriots Super Bowl XLVI

On February 5, 2012, the Patriots again face the New York Giants at Lucas oil Stadium in Indianapolis in Super Bowl XLVI. At the start of the first half, the Patriots' defense forces Manning and company to quickly get rid of the ball, but in the first possession Tom Brady makes the mistake of throwing the ground in his endzone, the Giants quickly take the lead, 0-2. With the ball, the Giants have an effective drive, culminating in a touchdown pass by Eli Manning to Victor Cruz, 0-9. The Patriots take the initiative in the second quarter, with Gostkowski playing a field goal, 3-9, and then, 15 seconds before the end of the second quarter, Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass to Danny Woodhead, 10-9. After the halftime show, in the first possession of the second half, Tom Brady consolidates the lead to 17-9. after he throws an accurate assist for Aaron Hernandez. To which the Giants respond with two field goals, closing the gap to 17-15 by the end of the third quarter. With a chance to solidify his lead early in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady throws a key interception at the Giants 8-yard mark. However, the Patriots' defense forces the Giants players to hit the pant and return the ball to the offense. This time around, New York's defense is working out, with the help of errors from the usually accurate Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 3:46 before the final whistle, Eli Manning kickoff a key drive in this meeting, the attack slowly but surely moves across the field, forcing Belichick to "burn" timeouts, the climax comes less than a minute before the end of the match. Manning gives a touchdown pass to Ahmad Bradshaw, making the score 17-21.

That's all Patriots 5 Super Bowl losses

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