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In 1980, the first day of the NFL draft was held, which became the first broadcast on national television. For the ESPN broadcasting event, which was born in September 1979, it was one of the first large-scale projects. The Detroit Lions disposed of their first overall pick by picking Oklahoma's early back Billy Sims.
In the 1986 draft, the Buccaneers chose Bo Jackson as number one. The future star of the two major sports leagues in North America, even before the start of the event, said that she did not want to sign a contract with Tampa. Jackson spent another year at college, then signed a contract with Kansas City Royals baseball, and in 1987 was drafted a second time - Rams chose him in the seventh round under a common 183 number.

In 2006, the main contenders for a common first choice were running Reggie Bush and quarterback Vince Young, who eventually became second and third. Under the very first number, Houston drafted the Mario Williams North Carolina D-End.
Seventy-six years today marks the anniversary of Jim Hart, who has led the St. Louis Cardinals attack for nearly two decades.

James Warren Hart was born April 29, 1944 in Evanston, Illinois. His childhood passed in the suburbs of Chicago. At school, Jim played baseball, basketball and soccer. The University of Southern Illinois gave him a sports scholarship, for whose team Hart played from 1963 to 1965.

In the 1966 draft, Hart was not selected by any of the teams. He got into the NFL thanks to Don Schroyer, who trained him in college. It was Schroyer, who previously worked as an assistant at the Cardinals, arranged for Jim to watch in a team. He coped with the task and received a contract. As part of St. Louis, Hart made his debut in the last game of the season, scored only 29 yards, but since the beginning of 1967 took the place of starter. A member of the Cardinals, he remained eighteen seasons. The most successful part of his career occurred in the second half of the 1970s, when Jim received an invitation to Probole for four consecutive seasons. In total for the team, he played in 199 matches, scored 34,639 yards and threw 209 touchdowns. The last in the league for him was the 1984 season, in which Hart played two matches for Redskins.

After completing a career for thirty years, he and his former partner Dan Dierdorf engaged in the restaurant business. Jim also commented on football on the radio, from 1989 to 1999 he was a sports director at his hometown of Southern Illinois.

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