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Express review of the peaks of the first round.

1.Bengals - Joe Burrow, QB

Too much anticipated and more than once discussed action from Qingqi. They get a very talented quarterback and now the main thing is not to break his career with a terrible selection of performers and line players. There are no big problems with the first yet, but the second will have to be taken care of tomorrow.

2. Redskins - Chase Young, EDGE

Another 100% pre-draft peak. The most promising pass-racer of the generation is comfortably settled in the rich Washington line of defense under the leadership of two serious protective minds. If this is not an “alliance created in heaven” then I don’t already know ... The linear attacks of the Redskins rivals in the division have seriously strained.

3. Lions - Jeff Okudah, SV

“Detroit”, unfortunately for them, could not exchange down and also did not surprise with a choice - almost everything was wooed there. The guy knows how to play in any defense scheme and is excellent in personal cover. If Matt Patricia is unable to properly disclose the guy this season, the coach is worthless.

4. Giants - Andrew Thomas, T

Dave Gettleman loves big guys. If not in defense, then in the line of attack. Thomas is the most experienced tackle of those who were wooed in the first round. He works great in remote draws and is fast enough to compete with NFL level pashers. Probably for Nate Solder this will be the last year of the game in New York.

5. Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa, QB

“Miami” already twice in this century passed cool quarterbacks because of their fears (Brees, Ryan). This time they overpowered themselves. Tua is an incredible avenue that can grow into a very good quarterback. We don’t know whether it will turn out exactly in Miami, but Dolphins took the main step in building a new team. Even if Tua stays the season, getting used to the NFL and learning new things - in a year Dolphins will only get better.

6. Chargers - Justin Herbert, QB

Another obvious decision, as if before the draft, the team did not try to convince us otherwise. Herbert is an ideal NFL quarterback in a vacuum, but problems with stability and playing under pressure will have to be solved somehow. But in fact - the Chargeers had no choice here and the game is worth the candle.

7. Panthers - Derrick Brown, DT

"Carolina" - what the hell ?! Simmons just fell into your hands. Having lost your main leader and the brain of protection in the person of Luke Kuechly, here and now you had the opportunity to choose an amazing and incredibly universal player. But, apparently, the Panthers simply do not understand how Simmons could be used ... Well, Brown is a choice according to need, but not “sexy” at all. This is not Aaron Donald to pray for a d-tekla now, which most likely will never be able to make double-digit number of sacks per season.

8. Cardinals - Isaiah Simmons, LB

I am sure that the Cards did not plan this and were waiting for their attack tekla. But to pass by Simmons - with their problems at the center of defense, when almost any tight end cut their linebackers and nutty safe - they had no right. “Arizona” threatens to make noise in the new season.

9. Jaguars - CJ Henderson, CB

The Juggs really needed a cornerback and they did not pull it until their second choice. I can’t blame them for this. Henderson was quoted high, he is fast, plays perfectly on the ball and is not so easy to deceive on the route. If the jaguars will be able to provide him with support in the defense against the removal, everything will be fine.

10. Browns - Jedrick Wills, T

It’s good that the signing of Conklin didn’t affect the Browns draft pick and they took the right step. Perhaps, finally, Baker Mayfield will be able to even breathe a little with the ball in the envelope. Wills is a pro Bowl level tackle. It is versatile enough to immediately move to the left side (the right one is occupied by Conklin) and cope with pressure from the edge. But here on the game discipline will have to work.

11. Jets - Mekhi Becton, T

The Jets were not tempted by the top receiver and quite rightly decided to provide protection for Sam Darnold. Becton is very agile for its gigantic size and should help not only Sam, but also Leveon, clearing the way for him on the second level. Nice peak.

12. Raiders - Henry Ruggs, WR

Mayok and Gruden had a choice of three guys and they chose the one they liked best. Ruggs fits Gruden’s attack patterns, but can Derek Carr fully unleash his huge potential? Well, then, I hope the Raiders will now have a cool stats of yards after fishing.

13. Buccaneers - Tristan Wirfs, T

“Bucks” in the offseason look like the man who won the lottery and became immortal at the same time - everything is too good. So, in the draft, the top linear fell below the 11th peak, which means that Tampa should have got it. With their exchange, they proved that they were not going to give it to anyone. A great choice in the light of all the events that took place in the team.

14.49ers - Javon Kinlaw, DT

The plan to build a payroll in action is to give a star and cool, but very expensive player for the peak, on which to take his successor, who can play 4 years for virtually the star’s annual salary. It’s a pity that it’s not a receiver, but it’s time to get used to it, that Kyle Shanahan sees the hosts in his own way. Anyway - what is the first round of the SF without the peak of the defense line?

15. Denver - Jerry Jeudy, WR

Bingo! Elway was lucky. And Loku too. Sutton, Judy, Fant and Lindsay with Gordon - this attack looks damn dangerous. This team is definitely worth seriously watching in the new season.

16. Falcons - AJ Terrell, SV

Of course, I have no complaints about the position. But there is a bit of a player. Somehow I did not consider Terrell (and many publications too) as the third draft corner. It was not easy to watch how in the National Finals Burrow and his attack were tearing him to pieces. But this is only one game, so anyway the peak is not bad and important.

17. Cowboys - CD Lamb, WR

Damn it, HOW !? How did it happen that Lamb fell on the 17th? No matter how Dallas liked Chaisson or who else - not to choose Lamb here would be complete madness. And Jerry Jones did not become mad. One of the best picks of the draft and frank "Still." The Cowboys attack looks monstrous.

18. Dolphins - Austin Jackson, T

And again - there are absolutely no questions about the position, but why not Josh Jones, who is clearly better than Jackson? Austin is pure power without much technique. How he realizes himself in the NFL is not yet clear.

19. Raiders - Damon Arnette, NE

Who is who? Although - it’s time for us to get used to some crazy peaks from this couple of leaders. Well, they like the corner from the Bakkays so much that they are ready to take it 19th, and not in the middle of the second, where its “value”. They took Ferrela a year ago. "Value" is nothing; a whim is everything. The main thing is that such a theory works as it should.

20. Jaguars - k'lavon Chaisson, EDGE

Judging by the fact that Ngakoue could not be exchanged, he will remain in the team for another year. And behind him will be Chaisson, waiting for the departure of an expensive and talkative guy. K'lavon is somewhat similar to Josh Allen, whom the team chose a year ago, but when did two very fast pass-racers interfere with whom?

21. Eagles - Jalen Reagor, WR

Hmm ... why not Jefferson? Apparently the future of Desean Jackson has already been determined, but Jeffrey is still hoping for Elshon. Reagor is not the guy who runs a bunch of routes and will get controversial balls from the cornerbacks, but he is the one who will explode from the start and try to catch bombs from Ventza. A somewhat controversial peak.

22. Vikings - Justin Jefferson, WR

A very predictable peak. Jefferson is good at both the slot and the edge. He is a solid 2nd receiver, capable of running many routes and catching difficult balls. A good replacement for Diggs.

23. Chargers - Kenneth Murray, LB

GM "Chargers" Tom Telesco for the last 3 draft exchanged only once. And then here - such a return to the first round! Murray really liked, apparently. Given the development of events and the very serious development of the teams in the “Chargers” division, the need to strengthen the defense center against very powerful attacks has become central to the coaching staff.

24. Saints - Cesar Ruiz, C / G

A very strange peak, if you consider the time at Saints as "win now." Last year's McCoy peak and the recent Andrus Peat contract also in this case leave a misunderstanding. However, Larry Warward has the last year of the contract, Drew Brees really does not like pressure inside the envelope, and this line of attack was followed by injuries last season. In general, justification for this choice can be found. And there are no complaints against Ruiz himself - the best domestic draft lineman.

25. 49ers - Brandon Aiyuk, WR

Well, here is the receiver that Shanahan wanted. Once they took him, and even got up - that's for sure. One of the best hosts in terms of scored yards after fishing, capable of turning short passes into first downs and making big plays on screen passes. This, apparently, was sought by the head coach of the Niners. And this guy has longer arms than Arik Armstead ...

26. Packers - Jordan Love, QB

Make "love", not the choice of receivers ... That's how I want to rephrase the name of one of the series of "South Park". What the hell is that, Packers? You do not believe so much that you can go to the Security Council, that now, when the team needs immediate reinforcement, take a "mortgage"? Or do you think the story is cyclical and is this your new Rogers? Well, in 2005, Aaron seemed to be worthy of the first peak, and the fact that he was not chosen by mistake. But Love is not the first peak at all. Even if in two or three years this guy becomes the new Mahomes - all this is an unforgivable burning sunset of the career of the most talented quarterback of our time.

27. Seahawks - Jordyn Brooks, LB

Well, John Schneider continues to bend his line and take year after year his first peak is unclear to anyone. Ifedy, MacDowell, Penny, Necklace, and now Brooks - they found fault with each choice and each of them didn’t work (you’ll excuse Seahawks fans, but that’s true). Like Collier that season, I doubt that Brooks will play more than 20% of the defense snaps in the new year.

28. Ravens - Patrick Queen, LB

Another winners of the first round. I doubt that Baltimore was expecting that the player so needed by such a necessary position would simply fall to them. Starting player from the first week in and so very cool defense - "Ravens" continue to be one of the main contenders for the SB.

29. Titans - Isaiah Wilson, T

In one of the mokas, I assumed the Titans would choose a large linear one to replace Conklin - well, they like those there. The guy’s name is different here, but the dimensions are the same - 2 meters and 154 kg. We can say that for Derrick Henry nothing will change - when carried to the right in front of him there will be the same rock rolling the defenders.

30. Dolphins - Noah Igbinoghene, NE

I am not a fan of this peak, since the slot corner in the first round, with other needs in several positions, is not the best solution. However, Miami now has so many peaks on the second day that they can afford a lot. To the most incredible athlete, which is Noah, there are no complaints.

31. Vikings - Jeff Gladney, NE

Another peak that was guessed even before the draft. Not only by position, but also by name. Gladney fits perfectly into the defense that the Vikings are setting up right now, and they need a corner like air.

32. Chiefs - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB

Andy Reid is trying to find his Chris Mccaffrey - a runninback in every way. Clyde is truly versatile running, which can play in any block scheme and reliable in short gears. He will become support for Mahomes in checkdowns and will be able to extract more than a couple of yards from them.
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