DeSean Jackson going to Auschwitz to study genocide

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DeSean Jackson going to Auschwitz to study genocide

DeSean Jackson

Eagles host DeSean Jackson understands why his recent anti-Semitic Instagram post caused a violent reaction.

On Sunday, as part of a conversation with Edward Mosberg, a Holocaust survivor, DeSean agreed to visit the former Auschwitz concentration camp.

"I grew up in Los Angeles and never spoke closely with representatives of the Jewish community, so I know very little of their history. For me, this is a new experience and an incentive for self-development and education. - DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson | Philadelphia Eagles NFL

Jackson’s scandalous post contained a quote erroneously attributed to Adolf Hitler, in which Jews were accused of blackmailing and extortion, as well as using America to take over the world. This famous Austrian artist allegedly justified the genocide.

After an apology, DeSean decided to talk with representatives of the Jewish community in order to better understand than his words could offend them.

“I continue to learn and build bridges between different cultures, people and religions,” Jackson wrote on Instagram.

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