Philadelphia Eagles player Maxie Baughan number 55 and best lineback

On August 3, 1986, the NFL teams played for the first time in London. Bears and Cowboys met at Wembley Stadium in the American Bowl, with the Bears winning 17-6.
Maxie baughan Philadelphia Eagles player

 Maxie Baughan, who played in the NFL for Philadelphia Eagles, Rams and Redskins, 1960 league championship winner, and College Football Hall of Fame.

Maxie Callaway Baughan was born on August 3, 1938, in the provincial town of Forkland, Alabama. After graduation, he entered the Georgia Institute of Technology, played for the Yellow Jackets as a linebacker and center, and was the team captain. In the 1959 season, Baughan was voted Best Lineer by the SEC and became one of the MVPs of the Gator Bowl, in which Georgia Tech lost to Arkansas. Then he set a program record, making 124 captures per season.

He was drafted in 1960 by Philadelphia in the 2nd round. In his debut season, Bogan established himself in the starting lineup in the place of a linebacker, made three interceptions, became one of the Pro Bowl participants and won the NFL championship with the team. As part of the Eagles, Maxie played six seasons, in five of them receiving invitations to Pro Bowl. By the mid-1960s, Philadelphia had become the middle peasant of the league and Baughan decided that he had to fight for the titles elsewhere. In 1966, he was traded to Rams, where Maxie became one of the captains. In Los Angeles, he spent five seasons, joining the Pro Bowl list four more times. Gradually, my age began to tell about myself, followed by a series of injuries. In 1970, he missed some matches and decided to end his career. For some time Baughan worked as an assistant in his native Georgia Tech. Then George Allen, who worked with him at the Rams, called Maxie to the Washington Redskins for playing coach. In 1974 he played for the team in two games that were his last. In total, Baughan played 147 games in the NFL, marking 18 interceptions.

After leaving Washington, Maxie served for five years as defense coordinator for the Baltimore Colts. Under him, the team won the AFC Eastern Division three times in a row. Then there were three years of work in Detroit and an invitation to the position of head coach at Cornell University. Baughan spent six years there, leading the team to victory in the Ivy League in the last of the seasons. In 1990 he returned to the NFL and coached linebackers in Minnesota, Tampa and Baltimore for eight years.

Baughan is now retired but regularly takes part in Philadelphia club events. In 2015, he was inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame. Some journalists and football historians believe that Maxie was also worthy of being elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.
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