Top 10 NFL Rookies in Week 1

NFL top rookies

NFL Week 1 is over and we can draw the first conclusions about the league debutants' play. Before the start of the season, quite reasonable opinions were expressed that, due to crumpled preparation, not all coaches would risk entrusting newcomers with a place in the squad. Nevertheless, there were enough bright performances and you can look at the top ten recruits who were able to impress with their performance.

10.RB James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars

An undrafted free agent is one of those who do not expect accomplishments from the first minutes on the field. Robinson played into the hands of Jaguars' separation from Leonard Fournette. In the first game, James entered the starting lineup and showed himself excellently both in the offensive and in the passing attack. In 16 clearing attempts, he scored 62 yards, including 56 after contact. At the same time, it cannot be said that Offensive line provided him with worthy support - in nine attempts, the defenders attacked Robinson behind the scrimmage line. He also has a spectacular fourth-quarter shot with a 28-yard take and a few tackles.

9.G Solomon Kindley, Miami Dolphins

Another pleasant surprise is the newcomer Dolphins from the fourth round, Solomon Kindley. In a game against the Patriots, he was the best offensive lineman on the squad, allowing only one pressure on the quarterback in 38 passes. Given that this Miami unit was the worst in the league last season, Kindley's performance is exactly what Brian Flores' team wants.

8.RB Clyde Edwards-Hilaire, Kansas City Chiefs

The Front Office Chiefs picked Clyde in the first round of the draft and, as expected, he got the opportunity to confirm compliance with this status. The LSU graduate made 25 clearing attempts, averaging 4.2 yards. He dropped seven tackles, and Clyde was good after contact with the defenders. That being said, Edwards-Hilaire was not often involved in the passing game, although it was on this that he earned a name for himself in college.

7.CB Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears

Johnson was regarded by many as a first-round player before the draft, but the Bears snatched him in his fiftieth pick. By playing against Detroit, he showed that expectations were met, and in Chicago they can be happy with such a success.
In the game of the first week, Jaylon entered the position of an outside cornerback and played 43 snaps in cover.

 Six times his opponent was the target for the pass, but managed to take the ball only twice. Two passes he knocked down at key moments helped the Bears win the opening match. A gorgeous debut of a player that many have passed by in the draft.

6.DT Jordan Elliott, Cleveland Browns

Another draft theft is Cleveland's 88 pick tackle Jordan Elliott. In the first week, he played 14 snaps against the clearance and 12 against the pass, and although he did not perform impressively, he did great in a couple of episodes. One of college football's best domestic defenders last season showed that he successfully adapts to a professional level.

5. OT Mekhi Becton, New York Jets

The team's only offensive lineman who has been helpful on the field over the weekend. The newcomer was especially good at the portable rallies. It was a pleasant surprise for him to play defending the pass, though in college he didn't have much experience playing in the formations used in the NFL. Becton played 41 snaps on pass defense, missing only two pressures on Sam Darnold.

4.S Antoine Winfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In Winfield, the Buccaneers received a very valuable asset, which he confirmed by his game against the Saints. In the final quarter, he knocked down a pass in the scoring area, showed himself well in blitz, almost reaching Drew Brees once. In Minnesota, he was one of the main playmakers of college football, and at first glance, he could be so for Tampa.

3.DT Javon Kinlaw, San Francisco 49ers

In the match against Arizona, Javon didn’t get any stats, but made a couple of important rallies, in the best of which he destroyed the experienced J. R Sweezy and forced Kyler Murray to throw an inaccurate pass. In total, he spent 39 snaps on the field, putting pressure on the quarterback a couple of times.

In the first week, Kinlaw became the best among rookie defensive tackles, justifying the overall fourteenth draft pick. The Jets' not-so-successful offense is going to be tough next week.

2.CB CJ Henderson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Henderson was selected overall at number nine, but few expected such a bright start from him. Yet he struggled with injuries for much of the last season of his student career. However, he earned the title of Rookie's Best Playmaker with his performance against the Colts. As a cover, CJ played seventeen snaps, six times his opponent became a target for transfers and only two times these transfers were received. In other cases, Henderson was the first on the ball. It will be interesting to see his rivalry with A.J. Brown next week.

1. DE Chase Young, Washington Football Team

The best player in the draft has confirmed his obvious talent. Young played 34 snaps in a pass rush, made 1.5 sacks, four grabs and forced a fumble. An excellent claim for the Rookie of the Year Award. At a high level, the newcomer also acted against the carry-over. Washington has an excellent defender for the next few seasons.

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