Minnesota Vikings lay off tight end Kyle Rudolph

On Tuesday, U.S. time, the Minnesota Vikings officially announced that they would lay off Kyle Rudolph, who has played for the team for 10 years.

Kyle Rudolph tight end

This move will help the team free up $5.1 million in salary space, and Rudolph will enter the free market for the first time in his career. Rudolph published a sentimental article in "The Players Tribune" to review his 10-year career in Minnesota and bid farewell to his former club.

Rudolph wrote: "I am very lucky because I am not only selected by a team that needs a close end. I am more than just an unnamed'first close end at the time.' Demand, but still chose me."

"I will always remember this: how much the Minnesota Vikings want me and how willing they are to believe in my potential."

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman also expressed his gratitude to Rudolph in the statement, saying that this close end is "the most among the close ends I work with in the league. One of the outstanding, most influential and positive leaders."

Rudolph only completed 28 catches last season, advancing 334 yards, and one touchdown. The three statistics are very low compared with the previous ones. But Rudolph believes that he still has spare capacity and is still willing to fight in the alliance.

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