Germany will have NFL!

NFL to unveil Germany's three finalist cities to host regular-season game

Germany will have NFL!

Confirmed, Germany is the NFL's next international destination!

As early as the 2022 season, the NFL will play a regular season game in Germany, which joins England and Mexico as host countries for the expansion of professional American football around the world.

On October 12, the NFL will announce the three finalist cities to host NFL regular season games in Germany. The NFL International Series will host games in England, Germany and Mexico, after owners approved a plan in which all teams will participate and each will play one home game outside the United States every eight years.

Since 2007, the NFL International Series has played 31 regular season games outside the United States, with 28 of them in England and 3 in Mexico City, involving 31 of the 32 teams that make up the league. Only the Green Bay Packers have not played a game outside the United States.

The news comes in the context of what will be the first international NFL game in almost two years, when the New York Jets visit the Atlanta Falcons at Tottenham Stadium, in a venue that has already hosted games in England, along with the mythical Wembley.

Mexico was a pioneer in holding regular season games outside the United States, when on October 2, 2005, the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals played the first game outside the United States at the Azteca Stadium, a fact that was recently recalled by Rolando Cantú, Mexican offensive lineman, who was part of that experience.

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