Vegas Lights Out for Super Bowl Stars: NFL Cracks Down on Gambling

Vegas Lights Out for Super Bowl Stars: NFL Cracks Down on Gambling

Las Vegas attracts a lot of tourists even without the Super Bowl, but the AFC and NFC winners will have to settle for just a football game. No betting.

During the NFL season, NFL players are banned from betting on their own team's games (2-year ban), betting on any other NFL team's games (one-year ban), or betting on sports in any way while at a team facility or hotel with the team during an away game (2-match ban). Since 2018, more than 10 players have fallen under the suspension.

However, for the duration of the Super Bowl, the NFL is tightening the rules. Participants of the decisive match, while in Las Vegas, are not allowed to bet on anything at all. You can't even play blackjack for money in the respective establishments.

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Teams will be specially settled in different hotels 25 kilometers from the nearest casino.

At the same time, players of already eliminated teams can easily come to Las Vegas and enjoy gambling. They are not allowed only to bet on the Super Bowl and enter a bookmaker's office (only if they reach the right place through it).

The league wants to avoid any possible scandals related to bookmakers and tries to keep players away from the temptations of Sin City.

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