Gardner Minshew told how he protected himself from coronavirus

Gardner Minshew told how he protected himself from coronavirus
The coronavirus cannot contain Minshew mania.

Gardner Minshew Jacksonville jaguars quarterback

Quarterback Jaguars was placed on the COVID-19 player list a few days ago, calling into question the start of the season for Minshew.

But the situation is developing rapidly: now Gardner is excluded from this list and is preparing for the start of the season.

Many people wonder how it happened. Last Tuesday, the player spoke to the press and gave, as always, an original commentary on the situation.

We parted with the virus: we went one-on-one, but when he looked at me, he gave up, and he did the right thing, with me he had nothing to catch!
Players are included in the COVID-19 list in two cases: if a football player tests positive for a disease, or if a player has been in contact with a person with a positive test. Such players receive a restriction on football activity until a comprehensive survey is carried out and the league receives confirmation that the player does not pose a danger to others.

Minshew's test was negative, as a result of which he returned to training and is ready to play in the match of the first week.

Today, doctors around the world are developing a vaccine for the virus. Maybe the key to it is in Gardner's Minshew?

Gardner Minshew has been nominated for AFC Offensive player of the week for his great performance in 2020 season against colts

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