Everything You Need To Know About Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram Jr

Mark Ingram Jr., a representative of the renowned brand "Running Back Alabama." He is a Heisman Trophy winner and a champion of the 2009 NCAA season. In the past, he was a star player for the Saints and is currently a player for the Baltimore Ravens.

Mark Valentino Ingram II was born on December 21, 1989, in Hackensack, New Jersey. His father, Mark Ingram Sr., was a receiver for the New York Giants and won Super Bowl XXV with the team. Mark Jr. graduated from high school in Michigan, where he excelled in track and field and played football as a running back and cornerback. From 2008 to 2010, Ingram played for the Alabama Crimson Tide under Nick Saban. His best season was in 2009 when he amassed 1,678 yards with 17 touchdowns, helping Alabama win the national championship and earning him the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

In the 2011 NFL Draft, Ingram became the first running back selected, taken by the Saints with the 28th overall pick. He spent eight years in New Orleans, surpassing the 1,000-yard mark rushing in two of those seasons. He also showcased his skills in the passing game, and in 2017, Mark and Alvin Kamara formed the first tandem of running backs in history to each gain at least 1,500 yards from scrimmage in a single season. Ingram's final season with the Saints was in 2018, having played 106 regular-season games for the team, amassing 6,007 rushing yards, and scoring 50 touchdowns. After becoming a free agent, Ingram signed a three-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens in the spring of 2019. In his first season with the Ravens, he once again surpassed the 1,000-yard mark. However, the current year has been challenging for him. On his birthday, we wish him health and a successful sporting career.

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