10 Things You Didn't Know About Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara Wearing Saints Headband
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Alvin Kamara is a well-known pro football player in the NFL and for the New Orleans Saints, but there's some information you may be missing or may not know before, and here in this article you will learn the things about Kamara that you are going to like and tell your friend who loves Alvin Kamara.

10. Alvin Kamara’s mother is Liberian.

There are many African Americans plying their trade in the NFL, but only a few African players ever make it through to the NFL Draft. With a Liberian mother, Kamara made the list of African players in the NFL in 2017. He was raised in a Liberian-American household, with his mother having fled the war-torn Liberia during the height of the civil war. Little is known of his father, though.

9. Alvin Kamara struggled with “behavioral issues” during his freshman season at Alabama.

Off the field problems plague even the best of NFL players. In his freshman season, Kamara suffered a debilitating knee injury and was unable to break through into a team that featured a star-studded running back lineup. Given the fact that he never saw the field, it is perhaps understandable that he suffered issues off the field and disagreements with his coach in his freshman year at the University of Alabama. His antics, which saw him miss a week of training in November that season, saw him and teammate Xzavier Dickson suspended from their bowl game and banned from practicing with the team.

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8. Alvin Kamara attended Hutchinson Community College.

He is now a well-known running back, but his path to NFL stardom has been less than ideal. After getting suspended at Alabama, Kamara attended Hutchinson Community College, a place sold to him as popular for resurrecting otherwise dying football careers. It was a gamble that paid off for him as his success with the Hutchinson Blue Dragons propelled him to one of the top junior college prospects in the country. Here, he earned a 5-star rating from Rivals.com and Scout.com.

7. Alvin Kamara led the charge as a redshirt junior

Kamara came in as a redshirt to the Tennessee Volunteers, but ended up leading the charge as a junior. In his redshirt sophomore year, Kamara played all 13 games accounting for up to 144 yards and two touchdowns. It was in his junior year that he truly shone through, leading the charge even though the running back line-up had not changed much from the previous year.

6. Alvin Kamara has a checkered past.

Despite his against-all-odds story, it is hard to ignore his problematic background. He has had a checkered past, once getting arrested in 2014 when he was 19 for driving on a suspended license. He only spent about 8 hours at the Gwinnett County jail before being released in the wee hours of the morning. This, combined with his suspension and troubles in college show just how hard he has worked to get where he is today.

5. Alvin Kamara was one of the top prospects coming out of high school.

Kamara was the typical early success story coming out of high school. He was considered one of the top running back talents in the country, rated the number 1 all-purpose back in the 24/7 Composite Sports Rankings. He was ranked in the top 5 at Georgia and was selected in 2013 to participate in the Under Armour All-America Game. Not only that, but he also earned the Georgia Mr. Football honors after leading his high school to its first state championship. His success in high school saw him receive a myriad of scholarship offers, eventually settling for the University of Alabama under head coach Nick Saban.

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4. Alvin Kamara has struggled with injuries.

He has had his fair share of struggles with injuries. In fact, some of the biggest steps in his career were forced after injury, most notably in 2012 when he took a redshirt for a knee injury at Alabama. He has struggled through different types of injuries, from concussions to the longer-term knee injuries over the years.

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3. Alvin Kamara was one of the smartest running backs in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Wonderlic score is a popular measure used by employers to determine the general abilities of their employees, their ability to solve problems and adapt to different situations. The Wonderlic test is used in different settings, from college admissions to entry-level jobs and in football. In 2017, Kamara had the highest Wonderlic score of any running back in the 2017 NFL draft, proving just how smart he is.

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2. Alvin Kamara considers himself a foodie

Think about it as a secret hobby, but Kamara believes he is a food enthusiast. He has dined at most of New Orleans’ famous high-end establishments, and prides himself on his ability to identify the hidden gems at every street corner. He apparently has grown fond of beignets and oysters and especially loves the char-grilled variety. His goal is to sit at every great restaurant in New Orleans. He also loves his Airheads, and has them in almost all flavors at his home, except in watermelon flavor apparently.

1. Alvin Kamara is dating New Orleans stripper, Just Ace.

After a whirlwind romance that saw Just Ace post some pretty revealing photos and info about Kamara, the two reportedly broke up. Just Ace had accused Kamara of cheating around the time she posted photos allegedly to embarrass him for the size of his manhood. Recent photos have however emerged of the two clubbing together, a clear sign that they might just be back to business as usual. The two were spotted at the beginning of October celebrating together after the Saints’ win over the Cowboys.

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That’s all 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Alvin Kamara, tell us if you think Alvin Kamara is better than Christian McCaffrey!

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