Running back David Johnson reorganizes contract with Texans

On Tuesday, US time, according to ESPN reporters, the Texans reorganized his contract with running back David Johnson to make room for salary.

running back David Johnson

Johnson’s contract would have taken up $9 million in salary space in 2021, of which $2.1 million was a guarantee. After the reorganization, Johnson's salary for the 2021 season changed to a maximum of $6 million, but including $4.25 million of guarantee.

In March 2020, the Texans traded wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals in exchange for Johnson and several draft picks. Johnson rushed the ball 147 times last season, advancing 691 yards and 6 touchdowns. But he only played 12 games, and three of the remaining four games were missed due to concussion and one due to the new crown.

Johnson was no longer in his best form when he was traded to the Texans. The highlight of his career came from the 2016 season. That year he contributed 1239 rushing yards for the Cardinals, 16 rushing touchdowns, and 879 yards receiving. In the same year, he was selected for the only super bowl and best team of his career.

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