New tradition in the NFL? This is how the teams announced their schedules

New tradition in the NFL? This is how the teams announced their schedules

The NFL continues to look for ways to get our attention at this time of the year and once again, it succeeded, the teams launched a series of videos to know the 2021 schedule.

Apparently, it is not enough for the NFL to have all the attention from September to February, in recent years, they have done everything to make the Draft a massive event and they have succeeded.

In the 2021 edition alone, they surpassed the numbers of any other league, being more watched than all the games of the last NBA Finals and 5 of 6 games of the last World Series.

Now in the revelation of the schedule, the teams got creative, so that a new tradition was born and so all the fans wait year after year, this moment.

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Teams like the Cardinals and Green Bay went for the sure thing and did things like showing the rivals through photos with objects referring to these franchises.

The Bears, opted to mix paint and have someone guess the opponent, the Chiefs, resorted to traditional memorabilia cards and with the help of Dante Hall, who opened an envelope where we could see their rivals.

But without a doubt, who took the afternoon, were 3 franchises:

Dallas Cowboys, LA Chargers and Denver Broncos.

The Lone Star team had the help of their loyal fan Post Malone to deliver the schedule to Jerry Jones. They then celebrated with jewelry at a very exclusive party.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers went for the comical side and in a power point style presentation, Joey Bosa presented the 2021 opponents, each slide containing memes of the team they will face.

Denver Broncos

Finally, the Broncos, led by Peyton Manning, presented their schedule in the style of the famous series "The Office".

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