Reich relies on Carson Wentz

Reich relies on Carson Wentz
Frank Reich has worked with Carson Wentz before when he coached the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Colts coach is not shy about answering questions about the level of his new quarterback, for whom he has his hands in the fire.

Frank Reich has confidence in Carson Wentz, which is why he doesn't shy away from consistently answering questions about the new Indianapolis Colts quarterback.

Does Carson Wentz have a chance in the NFL, or is he already a write-off quarterback?

No doubt Reich, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, is confident that Wentz still has the level to be an outstanding quarterback and that is why he was given the responsibility to be in charge of running the team's offense, despite his poor performance in 2020 with the Philadelphia Eagles that led him to lose the starting job to Jalen Hurts.

"I cringe every time I hear something like that (if it's remedial), it's not that a player shouldn't be held accountable for his poor performance on the field. Carson will have to answer to it and he has. As long as you don't go out on the field and prove it, you have to live with that," said Colts head coach Frank Reich.

Wentz will be helped greatly by the talent he will have around him, a critical factor in an ensemble sport. Reich's confidence in Wentz is also based on the belief that the Colts roster is superior to the one the quarterback had at the end of his time with the Eagles.

"In sports this is one of those transitions that I think will be good for both organizations, and I think it's going to be very good for Carson. We're going to have to be patient. I think it's going to take us a little bit of time, like it took Philip Rivers a minute and Jacoby Brissett another minute. I have every confidence that we have the right player," Reich said.

Such is Reich's confidence in Wentz, the Colts took a risk and sacrificed a second-round pick that could become a first-rounder if the quarterback meets a certain amount of reps.

A lot has to do with the confidence is the fact that Reich has already worked with Wentz and believes he can return him to the level he showed in 2017, when he was considered an option to win the NFL's Most Valuable Player. "A lot of times as a coach, or as a manager, that's what you do, you put your hands in the fire for a player that you believe in and that's something that I really like and I really believe in this team and I really believe in Carson and I feel good about it," Reid finished.

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