How the Patriots in 2019 treated Jakobi Meyers and Gunner Olszewski as afterthoughts

In the 2019 Patriots receiver group, which included, at various points, Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, and fellow rookie and first-round choice N'Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers and Gunner Olszewski were the underappreciated pass catchers and afterthoughts.

How the Patriots in 2019 treated Jakobi Meyers and Gunner Olszewski as afterthoughts

Despite being undrafted, Meyers and Olszewski never wept, "Woe is me." Instead, although competing against one another for improbable roster places, they found strength in one another. Meyers and Olszewski continued to appear and make a scene while the prominent figures came and went.

Meyers recalled Olszewski's skillful handling of the news of his impending release on cutdown day. Olszewski promised Meyers, his roommate at the time, that he would return to Texas and work hard until he earned his next opportunity by digging ditches (his true former employment). Olszewski didn't have to wait long because the Patriots decided to keep him at the last minute after changing their minds.

According to Meyers, the two made the decision to ignore the rotating receiver door and focus on discretely taking care of their own business.

Olszewski transformed from a collegiate defensive back to an All-Pro punt returner, and both became standouts and fan favourites. Meyers became one of the Patriots' top all-around threats, while Olszewski's casual demeanour frequently gave Meyers pause.

Meyers noted that despite the fact that Olszewski is now living and working in Pittsburgh, their friendship is still strong despite the fact that they no longer get to talk every day.

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