NFL Draft Scouting Report: Andrew Vorhees, USC

NFL Draft 2023 Scouting Report: Andrew Vorhees, USC. An offensive lineman with tremendous experience, he has played in the starting lineup for the Trojans since 2017. He played 44 games during his career, spending most of them at the right guard position, with several appearances at left guard and tackle. He was named to the NCAA All-Star team last season and was named the Pac-12's best lineman

NFL Draft 2023 Scouting Report: Andrew Vorhees, USC

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 145 kg

40 time: —


11 games, 720 snaps


  • Explosive, very strong physically
  • quite agile and maneuverable
  • technical
  • able to withstand power pass rush
  • one of his team's most athletic players

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  1. Not always accurate with his hands
  2. uses more power than he could
  3. sometimes stops working with his feet after contact with the defender
  4. tries to attack first and gets caught in the counter-movements


Experienced and talented lineman, capable of playing in different concepts. His size, physicality and athleticism allow him to immediately be considered for a spot on an NFL club's starting lineup. He's moderately aggressive, always tries to find a target on the field, and can resist double blocks. Tends to make some mistakes with his hands, leaving room for more speedy pass rushers to maneuver. Could be selected early in the second day of the draft.

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