Jimmy Garoppolo is ready for the NFL 2023 Training Camp

Jimmy Garoppolo is ready for the NFL 2023 Training Camp.

Jimmy Garoppolo is ready for the NFL 2023 Training Camp

After his physical condition was in doubt in recent months, QB Jimmy Garoppolo has received very good news, which also brings relief to Las Vegas Raiders fans.

Adam Schefter reported that Jimmy Garoppolo's injury no longer bothers him according to his latest physical examination with the Raiders, prior to the Training Camp. Four months ago, he failed another examination of this kind, which caused palpable concern, but it seems that all doubts have been cleared now.

Garoppolo is coming off a serious foot injury that occurred in December of last year, which ended his participation in the previous season with the 49ers. Despite this, the Raiders decided to sign him in March of this year, but they were waiting for the results of this examination to determine whether they would grant him his signing bonus of $11.25 million.

For Garoppolo, it was not only about getting the money, but it was also an opportunity to continue proving that he can still play at a professional level physically. Finally, it can be said that he is ready to demonstrate it and, in the process, try to bring joy to the long-suffering fans of Las Vegas this season.

Do you think Jimmy Garoppolo will remain healthy throughout the season with the Raiders? how far he could lead the team as their starting QB!

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