NFL News: around week 3 preseason games

NFL News: around week 2 preseason games

Patriots-Packers preseason game suspended after Isaiah Bolden injury

The preseason game between Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots was interrupted early in the fourth quarter because of an injury to Patriots rookie cornerback Isaiah Bolden.

In one of the episodes, a teammate flew into him, after which Bolden was temporarily paralyzed.The player was taken off the field on a medical cart.

Although it was later reported that the player was able to move his fingers and toes, an update from the hospital on the player's condition is expected around 16:00 GMT time today.

Isaiah Bolden has been released from the hospital

New England Patriots rookie cornerback Isaiah Bolden, who suffered temporary paralysis after being hit by a teammate in a game against the Green Bay Packers, has been released from the hospital.

Journalists report that the player suffered a concussion. Given the depressed state of the players after the incident, the Patriots canceled two joint training sessions with the Tennessee Titans and will prepare for the final preseason game at their home base.

Jimmy Graham was arrested on suspicion of drug use and for resisting a police officer

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was arrested Friday night in California on suspicion of drug use and for resisting a police officer.

Team doctors believe Graham suffered seizures that left him disoriented and wandering between cars in traffic.

The player was later discharged from hospital and took part in team training.

Anthony Richardson didn’t play in preseason week 2 game

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson did not participate in the team's second preseason game after being inserted into the starting lineup.

It's true that starting quarterbacks rarely play in the preseason, but the Colts management's decision seemed odd to experts, as Richardson is still a very raw player in terms of his passing game, and he could use any snaps before the start of the regular season.

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers will play final preseason game against the New York Giants

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers will participate in the team's final preseason game against the New York Giants.

The 39-year-old quarterback has not played in preseason games before and has watched Zach Wilson and his other understudies perform from the sidelines.

The last time Rodgers played in a preseason game was in 2018.

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Myles Jack has informed the team about the end of his career

Notably, the 27-year-old defensive lineman only signed a one-year contract with the Eagles on August 6.

Training camp didn't work out for him, and Jack gradually slipped down the linebacker hierarchy, which apparently was one of the reasons for such a decision.

Jack was selected in the second round of the 2016 draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In 7 seasons with the Jaguars and Steelers, he made 617 tackles and 6.5 sacks.

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