Pat McAfee has paid Rodgers to appear on his show

Pat McAfee confirmed to The New York Post that he has paid Aaron Rodgers more than a million dollars to appear on his show.

Pat McAfee has paid Rodgers to appear on his show

The exclusivity and scoops that the Pat McAfee show with Aaron Rodgers achieved come at a price and this was confirmed by McAfee himself in a text message to the newspaper.

"Aaron has made over a million dollars with us, for sure," was the direct message Pat McAfee sent to The New York Post, reports The Athletic.

In addition to the fact that there are players and coaches who are obliged to attend media outlets that cover training sessions on a regular basis, there are occasions when coaches or players make regular appearances on programs or podcasts for which they receive a financial contribution from the production.

McAfee acknowledged that he has paid Rodgers and other guests to appear on his show, arguing that "my motto is that if I'm making money, you have to try to give to everyone who helps me make money, because everyone who invests will improve our show."

Rodgers had exclusive appearances with the Pat McAfee Show in which he talked about the possibility of retirement, about retiring in obscurity and made known on that show his decision to want to continue his career playing with the New York Jets.

McAfee has paid Aaron Rodgers and other guests who appear on his show which is now part of ESPN's programming and in fact talked about his mindset and giving back to his guests, specifically Rodgers, who helped exploit the value of the company that produces his show.


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