Ron Rivera met Dwayne Haskins to clear things up

 I understand that most Washington Football fans (myself included) are unhappy with Dwayne Haskins' performance on Sunday, but fans should not “give up” on him. Sunday performance against Browns was the worst of his career, but every quarterback has bad luck from time to time.

Dwayne Haskins

Although Dontrelle Inman had a good game, he is not the guy who needs to parallel Terry and Washington line of offense, one of the worst in the league. Kyle Allen couldn't play better than Haskins either. It is clear that the team needs to make the WRs and O-Line hull “upgrades” their top priority this offseason. Haskins made fixable mistakes, and it's crazy that after only three games of the season, fans (to be honest, yours truly was one of them) are demanding that Haskins be replaced with a backup. We guys want to restore the team's former greatness, but we don't want to suffer from growing pains.

GP Finlay reports that the Washington' HC, Ron Rivera and the team's offensive coaches met this week with QB, Dwayne Haskins, to “clear things up.” Rivera wanted to make it clear to the young quarterback that he needed to show “growth” on the pitch after a bad performance last week in Cleveland.

During the meeting, Rivera explained that while Haskins has a lot of talent and has shown significant growth this offseason studying playbooks in training camp, his performance after three games was“ insufficient, ” to say the least. , play with Browns showed a clear setback, and that this cannot continue if Haskins wants to remain a starter.

Offensive coaches also pointed out to Haskins about his mistakes to show him opportunities to improve his game that could lead to better results. Finlay explained, “Coaches' meetings with the quarterback are quite normal, but the tone of this meeting clearly showed the seriousness of the situation: Rivera and Co. made it clear to Haskins that they still support him, but if he does not play better, everything can change. Time to play better. 

Haskins is the fifth first-round pick by the Redskins in the last 30 years. The other four: Sharpe, Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell and Robert Griffen III failed. Each of them had a misfire. Haskins from this company?

Very interesting.

With recent news that Haskins needs to play “better” and that things could change for him, would you like the Washington Football Team to trade for Jets QB Sam Darnold?. According to some experts, Sam is regressing in New York, and with Rivera and Turner in Washington, Darnold could have played much better.

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