Ravens Better Win This Playoff Game Against Titans

Baltimore Ravens after the game against redskins
Ravens / image : wikimedia.org

Baltimore Ravens better go out there and win that playoff game today against titans. There will be no excuses accepted from outside factors and inside the ravens flock no excuses will be accepted.

The only thing you need to be doing when
at the end of the game if you're walking out of Tennessee you better be walking out of Tennessee to come back to Baltimore to prepare for the divisional realm there are no excuses.

The titans are an amazing team, they're a great team they're a tough physical team, and they are not going to be easy to beat. The team has been, and they've been on a five game winning streak they're one of the hottest teams coming into the playoffs.

Lamar Jackson narrative

Because I already know that's what's going to be the main focus with the media because if Lamar Jackson goes 0-3 it's going to be a thousand times worse especially because josh Allen who was also another quarterback who hadn't won in the playoffs, he just got his first playoff win for buffalo in 25 years. He got the job done.

So if Lamar comes out here today and fails to beat the titans, the narrative is going to scream loud, nobody's going to care about your MVP, nobody's going to care about your accomplishments, if you can't win that game today, the narrative is going to speak volumes.

Some fans have kind of gotten a little arrogant with how they flaunt Ravens Super Bowl wins.

Ravens are one of the biggest threats in the playoffs.

We've got two Super Bowl rings, we got two Super Bowl rings here, two super marines there
bro are we the cowboys or something are we going to start flaunting our rings from way back then no and yes I understand the championship we got was back in what 2012 2013 I understand that but do you understand this is a league about what have you done for me lately, since that Super Bowl championship. We have one playoff victory in almost a decade that speaks volumes what is this team in the postseason can you can like you actually look at them as a legit contender can they actually do anything in the playoffs. They have to go out there and earn it, this is not the same unit that used to be battling in deep playoff runs against the top contenders, this is a completely different unit with a bunch of young guys. Most of them haven't been in this situation, and they don't know what it takes to go on a deep playoff run. They have to earn that, they have to build that.

Head Coach John Harbaugh

John harbaugh you're the coach first five years here in Baltimore as a head coach, nine playoff victories, three AFC championship appearances in the Super Bowl championship. Since then one playoff victory you're supposed to be one of the great coaches in the league, that's not a good sign that's not good to have on your resume. How can you start the first five years with such an all-time great resume as a coach and then proceed to only have one playoff victory in almost a decade that speaks volumes to go out there and get it done.

Coordinators Greg Roman, Wink Martindale

no excuses get it done this offense has been on fire continue to do what you do, run the football continue to do what you got to do
run the football because that is your identity do not abandon the run game and
try to do something you're not done it defensively I need this defense to show up and show us exactly what it means to play for this ravens defense because ravens defense shouldn't get beat the way they've been getting beaten post season games as a recently

You're not supposed to be giving up all those yards go out there and play ravens football, you go out there, and you stop Derrick Henry if you can hold him to 150 rushing yards and make tana hill be the one to beat you and you can stop AJ brown, and you can stop Corey Davis, you're going to win this game so go out there and do it simple as that we cannot continue the ride on the colt tales of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell suggs and all those great guys on that defense that battled in the postseason and showed us what it meant to be a great defense.

You cannot rely on that these young guys don't know what it takes man, so they have to go out there and learn it. you've been in the postseason twice. A lot of these guys on the defense have been to the post season twice. I know there are veterans there but there are a lot of young guys that don't really know what it takes to go on a deep postseason run.

If you can go out there and find a way to dominate the titans go out there and dominate the titans, all I know is Baltimore better be walking out of Tennessee with the victory and going back to Baltimore to prepare for the divisional round no excuses nothing would be accepted. Jared Goff just came in and helped his ram squad take down the Seattle Seahawks, and they were on the road and goth probably didn't even practice this week, and you know he's still recovering from his broken thumb, and he helped that team win a playoff game.

No Excuses 

Lamar go out there be you play your game be great and get the job done, simple as that Baltimore as a whole go out there show what it means to actually be a Baltimore Ravens go back I need you guys to play ravens football because the ravens used to be a fierce opponent in the postseason, you legitimately were scared of the ravens back in the day. Find your identity, be a great team get the job done simple as that no excuses. I won't accept any excuses from hardball. I won't accept any excuses from Greg roman or wink martindale. Furthermore, I won't accept any excuses from the players I don't care what the refs throw at us. Not only that, but I'm not accepting any excuses from the fan base, go out there and get the job done there should be no reason you don't win this game.

When you go back to the matchup we faced off against them what was it week seven, week eight, night, even week seven. What was it I think it was week 11 the fact it was like yeah week 11 I believe when we faced off against them earlier in the season we were up 21 to 10 against them, and we were actually containing Derrick Henry and this is what this was without Brandon Williams and Calais Campbell. Both those players will be on the field today, so Baltimore go out there and get the job done. Simple as that nobody is going to listen to your excuses if you lose this game.

Lamar will be crucified if you guys lose this game the media has been preparing all week for this moment trust me the people the critics in the media that don't have any faith in Lamar Jackson and are waiting for him to fail they're waiting for this game today.

Trust me if Baltimore loses this game, Lamar will be crucified, the fans will crucify him, the media will crucify him, that MVP is not going to mean squat to these guys it's all going to be about that playoff record, so Lamar go out there get the job done.

Baltimore as a team go out there and get the job done, because as of right now you are not legit Super Bowl contenders, I'm sorry you have to prove yourself in the playoffs and you can't go buy a recent resume, because you haven't done anything in the playoffs. 

I'm confident that the ravens understand the moment, i'm confident they're going to get the job done and they will advance to the division around if not we will have some serious words to say to this entire franchise that's all i got man go out there and win a football game. 
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