49ers teammates: quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is not troubled by offseason rumors

Many of the rumors in this year's offseason are related to the future of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the San Francisco 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers

But if you ask Garoppolo himself if he has heard of these rumors, he may give a negative answer. At least in the eyes of his teammates.

"I think it's a naive idea that he didn't hear anything, but he really didn't hear a lot of rumors," Kyle Juszczyk said in an interview. "He is not very active on social media. You might see him posting Instagram once a month. The content is usually for a company such as a high-end car dealer. I don't think he has a Twitter account. There is indeed an account, and he is not a very active user."

Garoppolo has been in the news due to injuries. In fact, at least last season, the outside world spent more time suspecting that he may be in the 49ers' future than he played.

According to Juszczyk, the rumors from the outside did not bother Garoppolo because he did not pay attention to them at all. He certainly has other things to care about. And given that the 49ers management still has confidence in him, he doesn't need to be afraid of his future.

"I know he really put these things at home and said," Juszczyk explained further. "Most of the time he gets along with his brothers and spends a lot of time with his family. He has a very close circle, so he really didn't contact the outside world and let himself hear those rumors because I think he knows how harmful the rumors are and what the consequences are. You have seen other players who were defeated after reading negative reports about them."

Garoppolo has proven that he can lead the 49ers to win when he is healthy. In the 2019 season, his only full attendance season, the 49ers achieved 13 wins and 3 losses and entered the Super Bowl. Garoppolo performed poorly at a critical moment in the Super Bowl, but the 29-year-old should still be able to contribute a lot of outstanding performance.

Of course, injury will be the biggest problem facing Garoppolo, and it is also the factor that makes him the most questioned. He needs to show that these rumors are wrong.

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