10 Facts About DeAndre Hopkins That Will Impress You.

NFL Players have a alot of Facts and Secrets in their personal life and in their football career. DeAndre Hopkins, Tennessee Titans wide receiver will impress you today for those 10 Things You Didn't Know About Him.
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins looking to Murray | image credit :wikimedia

10. In September of 2020, it was confirmed Hopkins negotiated his own contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals.

Hopkins negotiated and then agreed on a further two years bringing his contract with the Cardinals to five years in total and the extension is worth $54.4 million. Hopkins negotiated 90 percent of the contract himself after dumping his agent. One reason for working out his own contract was due to a desire to move into management at the end of his playing career. Hopkins’ $54.4 million extension makes him the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL.

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9. Hopkins is one player to be infringed upon by the NFL’s lame rules on uniforms and cleats

The NFL has long been known as the No Fun League as it prevents players from expressing themselves. On September 11, 2016, Hopkins wore a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts cleats designed by Kanye West. The game was against the Chicago Bears and saw Hopkins star once more. The NFL fined Hopkins a grand total of $6,000 for wearing the shoes as they broke the uniform policy for not having a solid color base. The fine was ridiculous as the grey, white, and black cleats didn’t look too bad.

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8. One of Hopkins’ more famous exes is Iggy Azalea.

The romance between the two was short lived and according to an interview with Azalea, their relationship ended due to Hopkins wanting her to stop “hoeing around”. Azalea stated she didn’t want to change her ways or life just because Hopkins wanted her to alter herself for the relationship. The two began their romance through Instagram as Azalea began flirting with Hopkins while he played for the Houston Texans. Hopkins was Azalea’s follow-up love interest following her break up with NBA player Nick Young in 2016.

7. DeAndre Hopkins only dating white women

In 2019, Hopkins made headlines when he was accused by a woman on social media of only dating white women. The accusation gained traction with the media and more people accused Hopkins of never dating black women. Many of the pictures Hopkins posted on his social media prior to the accusation were of him with white females which sparked the criticism. In addition, his high-profile romances have only been with white females.

6. Instagram model Amina Blue call Hopkins a dog

Around the time that Hopkins was criticized for the women he dated; he was expecting his baby’s momma, Amina Blue, to give birth. The Instagram model gave birth to Hopkins’ child in 2019 at the same time the wide receiver was hanging out with social media influencer YesJulz. Blue hasn’t had a smooth relationship with her baby daddy over the last year. Hopkins didn’t invite Blue to his 2019 Halloween party. It led her to call Hopkins a dog on Instagram, sparking a minor social media kerfuffle.

5. Greenlee’s attack occurred when Hopkins was just a child.

He grew up with his mom not being able to watch him score touchdowns and star at the University of Clemson. Even though Greenlee isn’t able to see her son play, she still attends his games. Now with the Arizona Cardinals, you can expect Greenlee to be in attendance most weeks. Hopkins has a long-standing touchdown celebration that makes his mom part of the game. Every time Hopkins scores, he hands his mom the ball. Hopkins told ESPN that when he scores a touchdown or does something special in a game, he gets her the ball to “feel me”.

4. DeAndre Hopkins mom blind story

In 2002, Hopkin’s mother, Sabrina Greenlee, was attacked by another woman that resulted in a life-long disability., The woman threw acid into Greenlee’s face leaving her blind and disfigured. The woman threw a combination of lye and bleach into Greenlee’s face during a domestic dispute. The argument involved the man Greenlee was dating at the time. After the acid attack, Greenlee was rushed to the hospital where she remained in a medically induced coma for several weeks allowing doctors to work on her. Greenlee and Hopkins used the experience to begin their own non-profit organization known as Speaking Mentally, Outwardly Opening Opportunities Toward Healing, or SMOOTH. The group aims to stop domestic violence. SMOOTH’s mission is to “empower, educate, and prepare survivors of Domestic Violence by acknowledging, celebrating, and affirming their whole selves”.

3. Hopkins had a difficult childhood and had to deal with a lot of issues not of his own

Many kids would have crumbled, but Hopkins used the adversity to succeed.
At just five-months-old, Hopkins’ father died in a car crash. He was subsequently raised by his mother, Sabrina Greenlee.
She worked two jobs to support them both.
Unfortunately, as Hopkins grew older, his mother suffered a hideous attack that left
her disabled and disfigured.

2. Hopkins excelled at DW Daniel High School in South Carolina before playing at Clemson University.

While playing at DW Daniel High School, Hopkins was actually a star defensive back along with being a stand out wide receiver.
He intercepted 28 passes and scored five defensive touchdowns. On the offensive side of the ball, he posted 57 receptions for 1,266 yards and scored 18 touchdowns.

1. Hopkins has long been known by the nickname “Nuk”.

But you may not know where the nickname came from. Hopkins has always had a strong relationship with his mother, who gave him the nickname as a baby. “Nuk” was the brand name of the pacifier she gave him as an infant and it was always in his mouth. His mother, Sabrina Greenlee, began calling him ”Nuk” and the nickname stuck. Teammates still call Hopkins “Nuk” to this day.

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