Steelers will have the toughest schedule

Pittsburgh will have on paper the toughest schedule in the NFL in 2021, according to the strength of its opponents.

Steelers will have the toughest schedule

Pittsburgh Steelers will have the toughest schedule and Philadelphia Eagles the easiest, taking into account the 2020 record of their rivals.

We are about to know the official schedule for the 2021 NFL season and it is possible to analyze what the next professional football campaign has in store for us.

On paper, the most complicated schedule, according to the strength of schedule taking into account the record of their rivals last season, is that of the Steelers.

It will be difficult for Pittsburgh to be the last team to go undefeated again, as happened last season, when they went 11-0, only to fall into a debacle that ended with their elimination at home against the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs.

The record of the Steelers' opponents in 2021 is 155-115-2, for a winning % of .574, higher than that of the Baltimore Ravens, who have the second toughest schedule on paper, taking the same parameter.

Thus, the teams with the toughest opponents are: Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 155-115-2 0.574
2. Baltimore Ravens 152-118-2 0.563
3. Chicago Bears 149-122-1 0.550
4. Green Bay Packers 147-124-1 0.542
5. Minnesota Vikings 144-127-1 0.531

In contrast, the team that has the easiest schedule is the Philadelphia Eagles, whose opponents in 2021 had a record of 117-155-0, for a winning % of .430, close behind the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons.

Jalen Hurts will have the opportunity to be the starter in Philadelphia following the departure of Carson Wentz to the Colts.

Nick Sarianni's first season as head coach of the Eagles will be a challenging one with 12 opponents who did not qualify for the postseason last season.                                                                                                                                                                                    
27. Miami Dolphins128-144-10.471
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers126-145-10.465
30. Atlanta Falcons123-148-10.454
31. Dallas Cowboys122-148-20.452
32. Philadelphia Eagles117-155-00.430
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